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Pros of Adopting Food Safety Technology

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The food and beverage companies are adopting technologies to increase the quality of food and safety. 

FREMONT, CA: Food safety practitioners suffer many problems that primarily concentrate on delivering safe and premium quality food to customers. Thus, managing expenses at the same time and ensuring profitability. Challenges exist mainly in the form of enforcement on the safety front. With ever-increasing regulatory, non-regulatory, and customer-based criteria, it isn't easy to sustain food quality in accordance with major performance indicators (KPIs).

At the same time, to protect the brand and keep customers coming back for more, they need to maintain continuity and quality. Food suppliers are turning to new software technologies in growing numbers to accomplish both protection and quality assurance. Food protection technology's main purpose is to establish efficiencies. It means that they comply with each point in the supply chain while ensuring that the customers are satisfied as well.

Here are some of the critical areas where technology is utilized.

Real-Time Data

Utilizing FoodSafe technology, wireless food temperature control, and assigning work can be accomplished. Therefore, to check that food products and beverages are in appropriate temperature ranges and are HACCP compliant, wireless temperature probes are utilized.

Automated Food Safety Schedules

For all activities related to food safety, automation of schedules is essential. It requires reminders when events are mistakenly skipped, ensuring that crucial control points and performance levels are met so that they can comply with every regulation.

Performance Analysis

All records and documents, such as the employee's name, food products, production data, expiry dates, corrective action is taken, and product testing, are time-stamped and accessible for audit readiness, benchmarking, and performance review. 

Finished Product Communication

It is possible to automatically send every completed product updates and other relevant data to customers. At the click of a button, reviews can be performed, and real-time updates can be sent to enterprise resource scheduling systems or shipping departments.

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