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By Food and Beverages | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Today, household products are transforming with the influence of innovations such as liquid mix innovations. DreamPak, a leader in this field aspires to shape the market with liquid mix innovations that shatter traditional expectations. As a leading producer of shelf-stable liquid concentrates for beverage and dietary supplement applications, DreamPak recently launched a website for coffee, cream, and beverage enhancer products., the website, features the exclusive ‘formulation stable’ technology of the manufacturer that overcomes the need for cooling throughout the entire lifecycle of production, distribution, merchandising, and consumer use.

“Made with just ‘Liquid Coffee’ and ‘Ground Coffee,’ each 15.2oz bottle of Top Roast yields up to 100 cups of hot or iced coffee packaged in an intuitive, easy-to-pump format that sits perfectly on any countertop," says Tarick Gamay, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The patented DreamBrew coffee technology of the company is designed to provide premium drinking experience with hot or cold water/milk, enhancing the cleanest, most concentrated and longest life liquid coffee on the market.

Among innovations of DreamPak, the creamer technology is much imperative. The first completely stable liquid creamer available on the market is in Café Enhanca which allows the product is to be used up to 14 months post-production and 60 days after opening without ever needing cooling. In a highly concentrated ready-to-pump format, Splash of Cream takes the equivalent of 100 individual cream cups a little differently. The innovator plans to re-enhance its Enhanca beverage line in the categories of stagnant liquid water enhancer. A clean, simple mix that does not contain artificial sweetening agents, flavors or colors is introduced in the all-natural line of the brand. The “Iced Cofee Concentrate,” which combines two large categories (coffee & beverage mixes), makes a delicious beverage when added to any bottle of water, is perhaps most impressive. This exclusive offering has the same DreamBrew technology used in the coffee-focused products of the firm.

DreamPak has developed their technology over the last two decades to compete with ready-to-drink drinks and powdered blends that were the dominant way of delivery. The company believes that the market has approached a point of departure where consumers are well-informed about the benefits of add-to-water concentrates, and key stakeholders know how to save huge costs of changing from ‘premixed’ to ‘point-of-use preparation’ drinks. The company only uses the technology in which the product is formulated as a shelf-stable product; thus, unlike other manufacturers, DreamPak does not rely on the manufacturing process to maintain and conserve their products safely.

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