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Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

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Reaching Out to the World, Digitally!

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

In smart cities, companies are expected to make smarter decisions to run their restaurants and other organizations with visibility and enhanced customer experience. It is high time for them to understand that marketing does not require advanced or latest tools that go out of the budget, but smarter tools that give way more than their expectations.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing for a small business, if done right, can work wonders by helping to increase revenue, reach loyal and new customers, and improve strong partnerships. It is crucial to implement a marketing strategy for the long-term success of the company irrespective of being a new business or an old one looking out to increase sales. Companies do not necessarily need vast marketing tools to promote their businesses. All they need is to understand how can they manage their expenses strategically and get the most out of it.

A responsible business owner needs to handle and deal with a variety of tasks in their daily operations, starting from managing staff to monitoring inventory and sales. At times, marketing is placed on the back burner; nevertheless, successfully attract new customers and makes the business more prominent.

Several practical and useful marketing tools are made available at the fingertips by the technology, and here are a few simple, cost-effective marketing ideas for small businesses:

Develop a Large Social Media Audience:

Building a business or profile page on social media platforms can help in creating an audience base, and the best part is it comes at no cost. The essential investment for this marketing tactic is the time employed by the business owner to optimize their efforts and focusing on social media sites to target ideal customers. It is significant to reach the customers on platforms where they are likely to spend more time, and that is none other than the digital dome. The creative heads of the companies need to ensure that they frequently post with an authentic as well as original content. By encouraging the customers to leave reviews and tag the brand with pictures in the post can help in increasing the social media visibility and enhancing the existing content.

Visibility on Business Directories:

There is another similar platform with free resources called the business directories, which is an online list of businesses either at a local, national, or industry level. The most significant thing to know while listing the firms on these directory websites is to ensure that the information provided is consistent across the board. By utilizing the free resources helps in increasing the online presence and search visibility when customers start to look for businesses similar to the brand.

 The following are the details that a directory will need to include the business:

• Name of the business, its address along with the phone number

• Details of business hours

• An appropriate link to the company website and or social media profile

• Description of the company

• Available as well as upcoming products and services

• Pictures or videos related to the storefront or day-to-day operations, which gives the audience a visual insight into the company

Create a Business Website:

The presence of a local business in the form of a website is a significant part, even if they don’t sell products online. The local companies should update their location, business hours, phone numbers, an about us page, and exclusive promotional deals concerning their services and products. It is always ideal to be ready to step into the larger picture of the e-commerce beforehand. It can be done by making sure the web hosting services and themes can be accommodated the required features in the future.

Capitalize on Content:

In the digitally charged world today, content marketing is ruling and persuading people into being natural consumers of content. The audience reads it, watches it, listens to it, shares it, and engages in the trifecta of content consumption to make it go viral. The plans of sharing information about the business, the products, and a professional point of view can open up an advanced level of engagement between the audience and the brand. Companies can utilize different formats to convey their message, such as a blog/vlog on the website and sharing the link on social media to help drive traffic to the site. There are abundant genres of content and platforms to explore and leverage to boost the brand’s visibility.


Some small business owners might get anxious when it comes to bringing ad campaigns to promote their brands. Ad campaigns look pricey and tricky until they are put into action. Generally, these ad campaigns are considered to be of four major types: paid search, display ads, paid social media, and native advertising.

Marketing on Email:

Email marketing in the present digital epoch is an age-old direct marketing method, which is far from dead. To connect with customers and prospects is crucial when it comes to staying on the top of their list whenever they decide to make a purchase. A POS system can be used to collect email addresses from the customers at the billing counters. POS systems can integrate with third-party email marketing, which will help in segmenting the email list to create customized campaigns.

Promotional Contests:

Every customer likes competition, but nothing can beat the value of a prize that comes with winning. By conducting a contest, restaurants allow collecting contact information and creating a buzz around their businesses. They can host an online game or a business card drawing, where customers can drop their business cards, and as the lottery date rolls around, owners can set up a small event around the game. It is also crucial to promote the contests on social media to attract other customers as well as keep them informed about the creative events the brand hosts.

Contact Cards:

Contact or business cards are considered to be a tried and true sales and marketing strategy that helps in letting people know about the business whenever any opportunity arises. The card must have a professional design that catches attention at once and encourages people to pick it up for a closer look. Ensure that the card mentions every benefit of the services and includes a special deal or coupon for the newbies.

Offers and Coupons:

Coupons and offers (discounts) are an exciting way to attract new customers to try the brand and services. They also encourage keeping up customer loyalty and showing appreciation to the existing customers. Everybody once in their lives has tried out a new place because of a redeemable coupon or an overwhelming discount, and there’s no denial!

A Signature Vehicle:

Restaurants running on wheels should brand their vehicles appropriately so that the car drives around, the company logo spreads with it. Companies can select to brand, specific parts of the car in cases where they are covering a lower budget on it. On the hand, they can also design the entire car symbolizing their facilities with a free hand budget.

News Outlets:

The easiest way to be noticed is by sending press releases to local magazines, newspapers, and radio stations that can make the restaurant name a popular topic. At times when the organization decides to conduct a special event, a new menu launch, or a story regarding the customer or employee achievements, it can all be put together in a small write up. The write up can be sent to the local media outlets encouraging them to cover the story. By pitching owners can get some local foot traffic toward their doors; besides it is a quick, cost-effective, and straightforward marketing strategy to use.

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