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Restaurant Managers' Most Urgent Concerns

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Positive online reviews and word of mouth help great restaurants thrive. Conversely, when restaurants receive a negative review, it can be disastrous for the restaurant.

FREMONT, CA: A service-first mentality is essential in the restaurant industry. If food is excellent, but there is subpar customer service, customers will think twice about returning to your restaurant. However, one can overcome them all with a little planning and preparation.

The Most Pressing Issues that Restaurant Managers Face.

Employee Turnover

Restaurant managers are frequently confronted with the issue of employee turnover. Unfortunately, it may be one of the most aggravating aspects of the foodservice industry.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the restaurant employee turnover rate exceeds 70 percent.

What does this imply for the restaurant manager? This means that seven out of ten employees will be leaving the restaurant this year.

This makes providing excellent customer service to customers extremely difficult. In addition, the constant movement of staff in and out of the restaurant, whether in front or back of the house, can cause major problems for managers.

Inventory Management

Managing the entire inventory can be one of the managers' most difficult challenges. The first thing one can do to relieve managers' burden is installed a computer POS system (point of sale system). This can assist managers in organizing inventory, suppliers, orders, payments, and more.

Managers may have had issues with team members stealing inventory to take home. However, employee theft can also occur when employees give larger-than-usual portions to other employees, friends, or even coworkers or give their employees discounts.

Employee Training

Due to a constant influx of new team members and a busy restaurant, training staff can be quite difficult. As a result, it cannot be easy to set aside time solely for training.

The best customer service training begins during the onboarding process and continues throughout the year. Consider using mentors to help new team members. Choose the most knowledgeable employees for this position.

It is vital to the restaurant's success that the team members are well-versed in its menu, culture, customer service, and what is expected of them.

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