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Services Ahead, Keep Moving!

By Food and Beverages | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Drive-thru services are known for their fast moving nature, but there are certain challenges faced by the employees, which can affect the customer service as well as the brand experience.


The primary factor on which the quick-service industry depends is efficient communication, and a poor sound quality holds power to influence incorrect orders as well as profoundly impact the quality of service.

Challenges in a Drive-Thru:

A spot that can heighten the possibilities of miscommunication is the drive-thru, where noting down the correct order relies entirely on technology. In case the combination of the drive-thru speaker and headset worn by the employees are not functioning correctly, then a communication error is likely to occur. Hence, the gap in communication can lead to massive inefficiencies and loss of repeated or frequent services.

Several factors are responsible for order inaccuracies in the drive-thru, such as:

• Distorted outdoor speakers
• Trouble in the visual confirmation screens
• Substandard headsets
• Obsolete technologies
• Out of order and minimal battery life headsets.

Most of the times, the clarity of the sound from outdoor speakers weaken due to weather disturbances, leading to a major miscommunication between the customer and employee. By implementing tools such as a pull ahead illuminated sign and a confirmation screen can majorly help the drive-thru in operating seamlessly as well as improving order accuracy. Furthermore, the headset used by the employee plays a critical role in drive-thru efficiencies, and having a high-performance earpiece with advanced technology in-house can help in keeping the drive-thru moving, always.

Solutions of a Drive-Thru:

Since technology grows at a rapid pace, it can be tough for the restaurant industry to stay on top of every new development. Nevertheless, a few technology innovations can drastically enhance the efficiencies and should be viewed as a safeguard investment that guarantees quality.

The new digital headsets have superior sound quality and performance for improved order accuracy, as well as elevated customer service and experience. On the other hand, the headsets are lighter than the analog system and comfortable to be worn for a longer time with detachable parts, which are easy to repair.

The drive-thru requires a team focused on speed and accuracy, which can increase the overall customer experience as soon as they drive up to place their order, and improve the brand experience by providing exceptional service.

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