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Leveraging Technology And Automation To Keep Our...

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As technology evolves, so should the Supply Chain

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Smart Manufacturing Technologies Changing the Game in Food Industry

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Using smart manufacturing, the food industry will predict future challenges and opportunities, simulate line changes to stay keep up with changing demands, and train employees in non-stop systems.

FREMONT, CA: In the early days of e-commerce, consumers got their feet wet in the online marketplace, buying products that were known quantities that could be shipped safely and cheaply. More personal items retained a foothold in brick-and-mortar stores where customers could try things on. Fast forward to today, and it’s seamless to see how e-commerce has changed the retail landscape. Some people now purchase all of their goods online. There are still certain areas, though, where e-commerce has been slow to gain traction. For instance, the food industry has yet to replace a trip to the grocery store with an online experience. More people are doing their grocery shopping online and having their groceries delivered directly to their car at the store. This transformation will come through a variety of new smart manufacturing technologies. Read on to know more.

To stay competitive, food and beverage manufacturing systems must streamline productivity and perform at the highest standard. This needs comprehensive and continuous operations improvement. Increasingly, the food sector is turning to smart manufacturing to achieve those goals. Connected, information-based manufacturing can make all the difference. New technologies are aiding food, and beverage manufacturers in better understand and leverage their food processing operations. Smart manufacturing can help enhance asset utilization, increase yield, drive productivity, optimize resource management, and reduce security risks.

The effect of smart technologies is not lost on the average person today. Whether it’s the smartphone or the smart thermostat, nearly every aspect of life has been affected by advances in technology. Modern manufacturers are no exception, including food and beverage firms. New developments in technology are revamping food and beverage manufacturing. By coupling the Internet of Things, wireless and mobile technologies, data analytics, and network infrastructure, firms can access and act on the data from their operations before any problem arises.

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