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What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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Managing Risk in the Food Manufacturing Industry

State-of-the-ArtFood Waste Measuring Device to Address New Industry Realities

Food and Beverages | Friday, August 07, 2020

Leanpath is responding to the requirements of a changing industry because the importance of controlling food waste is mounting day by day.

FREMONT, CA: Leanpath announces Leanpath Go, its latest tracking platform specifically tailored to help operators measure and avoid food waste as they increase reduced-contact service styles such as grab-and-go, takeout, and off-premise dining. Leanpath Go presents with a unique "each"-based tracking interface that assists operators in measuring food waste by the item instead of by weight. That means Leanpath Go offers anywhere service.

The world is witnessing a dramatic shift away from the conventional high-volume service styles like buffets and salad bars. They are being replaced by grab-and-go stores and curated food bars. Leanpath Go meets these new industry demands and the requirements of any operation where measurement by the unit is preferred over measurement by weight, like convenience stores, coffee shops, and grocers. Leanpath Go is the first in a series of advancements the company is announcing that specifically designed to address new industry realities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food wastage prevention is essential than ever before. Based on Leanpath data, low volume tasks actually create higher percentages of food waste. As the foodservice industry slowly reopens from COVID-19 shutdowns, it will see lower volumes as to the new standard. Leanpath Go's picture-based interface enables the user to tap to track that item, or tap-and-hold for fast, multi-item tracking. Like all Leanpath Trackers, the data collected on Leanpath Go is rapidly uploaded to the company's cloud-based analytics platform to determine high-waste areas and prevention opportunities.

Leanpath is a technology company driven by the mission of making food waste prevention and measurement an everyday practice in the world. Since 2014, working in thousands of kitchens across the world, the company has prevented over 55 million pounds of food from being wasted.

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