Steps that are to be Taken while Launching a Fast Food App
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Steps that are to be Taken while Launching a Fast Food App

By Food and Beverages | Monday, October 21, 2019

Restaurant managementRestaurant Management

The restaurant owners have risen to the challenge of meeting the changing consumer's demand, adopting new technologies, and also keeping up with the competition. The restaurants are launching their new mobile apps so that it becomes easier for them to deliver food to their customers, but they must remember not to launch the apps in haste.

FREMONT, CA: For a restaurant, it is essential that they test their mobile applications before the app hits the public beta. Technology has become a major resource that is helping the companies to grow and expand for which the competition is also increasing in the market. The growing competition is pushing the companies to develop their mobile applications and rush them to the testing phase so that they can launch it.

Most of the restaurant looks at the mobile as a path to win back their existing and potential customers. Some restaurants see it as a way to build an edge over its competitors. However, there are many risks when the restaurants try to rush the launch of their application, but there are also tricks to mitigate it. Here are some of the risks and methods to avoid them.

1. Scale Gradually

It is not necessary the app has to be accessible to everyone at once, it will be better to make it available to a closed group of people that the app server can handle. If the application works according to the plan, then the company can bring a more closed group into the testing circle. Moreover, when a company is planning to launch the app countrywide, they must remember to create such a group in every state.

When the restaurant wants to expand its testing circle, they can open the circle to new invitees, this will help them test their application for the inconsistencies. This gradual process of testing will give the restaurant an idea about the issues that need to be fixed and when they can launch their app in the market.

2. Staff Training

The customer management system that the restaurant staffs are familiar with might need updating, as they have to absorb the changes that the new mobile application will bring. The transformation may include a major refurbishing of the overall CMS or the addition of the minor elements. The CMS might also have to be integrated with new tools so that it can make way for the application to be compatible.

The POS system will also need an upgrade, but whatever is the case, it is essential that the staff be trained according to the changes so that they can work accordingly.

3. Additional IT Infrastructure

If a restaurant is expecting that they will get a huge amount of order from their applications because of an irresistible app-only offer, they must make sure that they are prepared for it. The restaurant must have additional IT infrastructure ready in case a temporary hike in traffic overburdens the current IT capacity so that they can keep up with the traffic. If the application collapses at the peak of an exciting offer, it will not only be a disappointment for the customers, but the restaurant can also face huge losses as they might lose some of their potential customers.

4. Map Integration

The fundamental aspect of any restaurant mobility solutions is the map integration if they expect their delivery drivers to deliver the orders on time. The mobile application of the restaurant must have a proper map installed in it so that the delivery drivers can easily locate the address of their customers.

5. Track Order Status

When a customer is placing their order from a food joint app that is installed on their mobile, they expect to know more about the delivery time, or whether the food is being cooked or not. The customers also get eager to know when their food will be delivered or how far is the delivery driver from their house. It is equally important that the customers can track their food because if they know about the status, it is more unlikely that they will cancel their order or call the restaurant. This not only saves the time of the customer, but also the restaurant’s staff and they can concentrate on preparing the food.

For a restaurant owner, it is essential to invest in the restaurant mobility solution so that they can stay in the competition of the market in these changing times. It is not difficult to do so, the restaurants just have to find a good delivery app development company, who will make everything else easy.



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