How Kraft Heinz Embeds Waste Management in a Circular Economy

By Sabine Hiller, Head of Environment & Sustainability – International, The Kraft Heinz Company

How Kraft Heinz Embeds Waste Management in a Circular...

Three Major Challenges Facing Wastewater Treatment

By Juliette Franklin;Director of Sustainability,Cal-Maine Foods

Three Major Challenges Facing Wastewater Treatment

Strawberry Growtainers are developed in collaboration with CEA Advisors and Parus-Europe.

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, February 01, 2022

CEA Advisors, manufacturers of The Growtainer, and Parus-Europe have finalized a strategic alliance to collaborate on the optimization and global sales of their Co-branded hydroponic Strawberry Production System.

FREMONT, CA: The makers of the Growtainer, Parus-Europe and the CEA Advisors have decided to work together on the optimization and global distribution of their Co-branded hydroponic Strawberry Production System for research and/or young plant production. CEA advisors are expecting this synergistic collaboration to give research opportunities and young plant production capabilities that will enable their clients to produce a reliable supply of fresh, sweet, and nutritious strawberries worldwide, year-round. Experts remarked that it has been very exciting to team up with Parus and Parus-Europe, with their many years of hands-on strawberry production and experience. Combined with their Growtainer expertise, they have developed the platform to produce delicious berries 12 months a year.

Since 2015, the CEO of Parus-Europe, and the CEO of CEA Advisors, have collaborated on several successful Vertical Farming projects in the EU, and they are excited for the opportunity to offer their international clients year-round economically viable controlled environment strawberry production. This innovative multi-level crop-specific technology has produced a much greater yield and has shown the viability and economic potential of strawberry cultivation in a controlled environment after years of research and development. The system comes with a portable multi-level hydroponic gutter system, crop-specific climate control, a perfected LED environment with ideal wavelength and intensity, a patented fertigation system, and a standard Growrack system for young plant growing.

For many years, the President of Parus, has been creating strawberry production methods and commercially cultivating strawberries in Korea, and has put in a lot of R&D to refine the system. Since 2018, ParusEurope has collaborated on numerous research and production projects with some of Holland's top soft fruit growers. Parus-Europe and CEA Advisors are likely to continue to enhance the viability and economic potential of large-scale, indoor strawberry production using Parus growing technology, to establish environmentally sustainable growing methods in the future. Pre-orders for the first plug-and-play strawberry Growtainers are now open, with deliveries starting in 2022.

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