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The Growing Popularity of the IoT in the Wine Industry

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How is Technology Enhancing Wine Making Process

Tech Innovations Transforming the Wine Industry

Food and Beverages | Sunday, January 30, 2022

From ultra-fast cooling to vineyard efficiency, smart developments are changing the world of wine for the better.

Fremont, CA: From early monks researching grapevine cycles and adapting their procedures to modern breakthroughs in fining and storage, science and creativity have always been at the heart of winemaking. There are several inventions that are propelling the winemaking industries forward.

Here are some tech innovations transforming the wine industry:

Fighting the risks to vineyards

As the devastating phylloxera scourge in the nineteenth century demonstrated, vineyard issues have always been a source of concern for winemakers. With climate change becoming a tremendous hazard, winemakers must now consider plenty of other issues, and technology is stepping in to help manage these threats.

Understanding the process of aging

Aging is a key component in the production of good wine, and several research studies are underway around the world to assist winemakers in better understanding the process. Several wineries are experimenting with underwater aging, with some winemakers claiming that seven months of age in the water may mimic up to seven years of cellar aging.

Immersive packaging

In all parts of the packaging environment, augmented reality is gaining acceptance, and wine is no exception. A label is no longer just a label; some innovators want the bottle's surface to serve as a portal to a whole experience.

Perfect blend

Artificial intelligence can analyze massive amounts of data at relatively fast speeds when compared to humans, and a wide range of sectors are using the technology for a variety of uses. Winemaking is no exception, with Tastry, for example, launching in Europe later this year. Every year, the system analyses tens of thousands of wines, originally to assist winemakers in better targeting their wines and, more recently, to assist them in finding the best tanks to employ during the blending process.

Minimizing cork taint

Cork taint is an age-old annoyance for both winemakers and drinkers, and while the trend is increasingly toward screw-cap bottles, those who stick to the old ways are still attempting to avoid the risk. But companies will soon be able to guarantee that the corks they make have a zero possibility of cork taint.

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