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Technologies Transforming the Poultry Industry

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, January 05, 2022

The beauty of science is that it is always improving and bringing out newer technology. Innovative technology has already revolutionized several aspects of the poultry industry.

Fremont, CA: The poultry industry is one of the world's fastest expanding industries. It contributes significantly to the company's economy as a significant sub-sector of the livestock industry. Factors such as rising population, rising per capita income and falling real poultry prices are all contributing to the industry's growth. Both the meat and egg industries have seen tremendous expansion. With significant expenditures in selection, breeding, hatching, and processing technology, the poultry industry has undergone a paradigm shift in structure and operations over the years. Modern technology has made a major impact on the poultry sector.

Here are the technologies that are transforming the poultry industry:

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a type of technology that enhances a user's vision by overlaying information or revealing things that humans can't see with their naked eyes. In a processing plant, a helmet-mounted unit can show trimmers where and how to prepare a bird through an overlay on the screen, or a laser scanner can deliver trimming instructions right into the product. Consumers can utilize augmented reality to learn more about the origins of their food and the processes that it has gone through.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a new technology that enables people to experience a completely different and controlled world. It can assist keep an eye on the birds and allow one to wander around the farm without disturbing them. It can also be used to give customers a virtual tour of the quality of the items and services they are receiving.


For agriculture, blockchain is one of the most transformational technologies. It has the potential to deliver complete transparency to the food production chain. It's a reflection of food's origin, distribution, and supply. It may be used to get information about where the bird came from, how it was fed and grown, and how it was processed in the poultry industry. This technology will soon be a huge element of the global food business.

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