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Technology Leads the Way in Beverages Sector

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Technology has transformed the beverage industry drastically.

FREMONT, CA: Consumer demands are bringing changes in beverage technology and packaging. Recent technological innovations, coupled with consumer demand for sustainability, have only added to the complexity of creating technology and packaging that meets consumer demands and needs. The packaging is one of the essential elements of product marketing. Good packaging can be the only reason a new customer chooses the product among the rest. The packaging is as vital as the product itself. The purpose is to stand out from the shelf, improve sales, offer relevant information on the product and accelerate interest.

Two-thirds of customers say that the packaging has an impact on their purchasing decisions. The demand for technology is rising in the beverages sector due to digital opportunities. There is no doubt that in the last few years, the beverage sector's momentum has changed. They have become more customer-centric, transparent, and accelerated the usage of technology. The beverages sector is evolving at a fast rate regarding warehousing, customer demand, and technology. Due to the fast-paced evolution, it is becoming daunting for the sector to keep up with the changes forget about tracking them. The technology supports managers to enhance quality control, increase the speed of staging or sorting of products and restock items. These processes are dependent on the technology that has a huge effect on warehouse operations.

Several technologies are increasing in popularity, such as warehouse management systems and automated vehicles. This helps operations of the warehouse, picking accuracy and a decline in errors, generating a working environment, and boosting the productivity of the beverages sector. Although several of these beverages, including beer, wine, and tea, have been around for years, the sector has developed only over the last few years. The beverage industry, viewed as an aggregate group, is highly fragmented. This is evident by the number of manufacturers, packaging, production operations, and final products. The soft drink sector is the exception to the rule, as it is quite concentrated.

Smart Manufacturing has made operations more efficient. The Internet of things (IoT) or automation mitigates production costs and increases efficiency because of robotics and smart technology. Smart technology also helps in packaging and keep a tab on the supply and manage records of the same.

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