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Technology Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

Food and Beverages | Saturday, November 27, 2021

Due to technological advancements, medical marijuana has come a long way.

Fremont, CA

The legal weed market has seen a huge change in the previous decade, with numerous states legalizing marijuana for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. Bringing these products to the common people has necessitated a slew of scientific advancements. Rather than minimal processing, producers are highly producing oils for vaping, capsules, edible candies, and other products. It will be intriguing to observe how technology advancements impact the way we get high as we move towards a new era of marijuana consumption. Here are a few sectors that have the potential to completely transform the cannabis industry.

DNA Sequencing

The Cannabis sativa plant is surely a natural wonder, a factory for mind-altering composites unlike anything else on the earth. However, there is a lot of diversification across strains of the plant, with each grow yielding a varied THC, CBD, and other element balance. This results in a blooming product market, but one that is complicated to govern. Modern genomics may hold the solution to realizing the plant's full potential. Several notable cannabis producers are working to sequence the DNA of the Cannabis sativa plant in order to put together a clear blueprint for how the plant produces the wide range of compounds it contains.

Personalized products

People's particular biochemistry prompts them to metabolize cannabinoids in different ways, so finding the perfect balance of THC and CBD can be difficult. While several marijuana strains are known for their mellowness or potency, there is still a lot of leeways when it comes to choose what to use in your vaporizer. Because marijuana is a psychotropic chemical, picking a strain that doesn't resonate with your mind can be disastrous. That's why personalized mixtures of vital cannabinoids adjusted to your particular physiology are the next stage in cannabis use.

Law enforcement

Because cannabis is a mind-altering chemical, jurisdictions that have legalized it have enacted regulations to prevent people from taking it while driving a car or in other potentially dangerous situations. However, determining whether a person has more marijuana in their bloodstream than the legal limit can be difficult for police officers. THC is only detectable in the three hours following use, according to Hound Labs, a California-based firm preparing to launch its own marijuana breathalyzer instrument, removing doubt from previous tests. A breath test, on the other hand, may not be accurate for persons who have eaten THC in other forms, such as edibles or oils. As delivery techniques evolve, detection methods will have to evolve as well.

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