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Navigating the Digital Transformation: Harnessing the...

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As technology evolves, so should the Supply Chain

Technology's Role in Making Food Sector More Sustainable

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The food and beverage industry is working hand in hand with technology working with brands in continuing the journey towards sustainability in the industry.

FREMONT, CA: It is understood that the concept of sustainability is growing among consumers in both their attitudes and actions. Making environmentally friendly choices spans buying decisions, including personal care, household items, and foods and beverages. Reflecting this consumer commitment, enterprises are investing in sustainability as a vital business focus. And technology has a key role to play in making the planet more sustainable for people. Here is how.

One change that has become more significant is around sustainability – things cannot continue as they presently are. Data highlights three-quarters of the public agree future generations are in jeopardy if people do not change the way they live in the next ten years.  Food systems are especially complex and challenging from a sustainability perspective. A third of all food produced for consumption, around 1.3 billion tonnes, is wasted every year – emitting potent greenhouse gases.

Leveraging technology is more than just deploying efficiency, mitigating operational costs, and evolving business faster. Building technology that assists in doing more for the planet is in everyone’s self-interest. Some companies have partnered with Google Cloud to develop an item assortment recommendation that enables store directors to regulate levels needed and ordered for their store. This has resulted in a more personalized selection at the store level, greatly decreasing the amount of produce wasted and ensuring customers have timely access to the things they require.

People are using our AI to track food waste in cafes. Through a combination of using food in a more measured way, finding means to reimagine leftovers, and donating unused food. From fair working conditions to environmentally friendly supply chains and limiting harmful ingredients, sustainability factors affect nearly two-thirds of consumers’ purchasing decisions. As consumers’ awareness and concern around sustainability problems continue to grow, and they flex their spending power accordingly, retailers require to ramp up their sustainability initiatives to remain competitive and meet consumer requirements and the health of the planet.

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