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Teway Foods Makes Compound Condiments to Improve Quality

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, June 07, 2022

The first smart factory of Sichuan Teway Food Group a Chinese leading compound condiment manufacturer, has put into official operation recently in the Sichuan Cuisine Industrial Park in Chengdu, China.

FREMONT, CA: Teway Food is using a cutting-edge approach to production line design in the food industry, combining cross-industry and cross-scenario technology to address the workforce shortage in traditional food production. Its single-line production capacity has expanded by more than twofold, efficiency per capita has increased by more than sixfold, and single-piece manufacturing costs have decreased by 40 per cent.

Teway Food is adopting Industry 4.0, and intelligent production will be at the forefront of the market. The company’s vice president commented that this smart factory is a crucial milestone in its journey since 2019. Informationization and industrialisation are critical parts of the company's broader goal to transition from a traditional food manufacturer to a modern food provider. The company's investment in intelligent production bases in Chengdu's Pidu and Shuangliu empowers this change and ensures the company's long-term success. Teway Food's smart factory, which is powered by its digital platform, uses a digital and intelligent automated manufacturing and management system. It possesses many technologies that are being utilized for the first time in the industry such as a complete set of robots for auto-batching, transportation, and ingredient mixing, reaction kettles that can automatically fry ingredients, a clean-in-place automatic cleaning system, an intelligent warehousing system, and the use of large-sealed containers.

This intelligent automation ensures that raw materials are precisely controlled according to a predetermined production technique, ensuring product quality and flavour. It also allows for a clear information flow, making every stage of the manufacturing process traceable, and ensuring food safety. The Teway smart factory also introduces a more precise product quality monitoring and analysis system, which will aid the corporation in making product upgrades and new product development decisions.

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