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Blockchain to Drive Food Safety and Sustainability

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True Wellness Starts with the Food We Eat

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Trends in the Procurement Space

The Food Industry and Robotics

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Friday, May 21, 2021

Robotic applications are becoming the backbone of agriculture from the ground up, even before harvesting. When the seedlings need some preparation, naming, and sorting, they are extremely useful.

FREMONT, CA: From the time the food crop is planted on the farm, processed for manufacturing processes, and packaged for shipping, the traditional robotics device brings simplicity and productivity to the food industry.   Farmers also use drones to track and analyze crop growth.

Apart from the plants that make up agricultural practices, autonomous robots can also be used in dairy and poultry farms. The robots help milk and feed dairy animals and collect poultry items such as eggs from the same farm. As a result, there is no better way to deal with the rising food crisis that is a ticking time bomb for the world's 7.5 billion people than to accelerate autonomous robotic farming.

Cleaning and transporting raw food items from the farm, which would be tedious for humans, would be a delight for the robotic arms. Such tasks include sorting and identifying faulty farm products, which is where robots' secondary processing adaptability comes in handy. If things continue to go as scheduled, and the industries do not lose faith in the robots, there will be nothing to stop humanity's advancement. One will not even need to enter the kitchen in the near future. Robotic automation can handle breakfast preferences, spontaneous hot snacks, and clean up after themselves; that is, after the appetites.

Even a casual stroll on a hot day will find one ordering ice cream on the sidewalk, only to be greeted by a friendly robot. Thus, such automated processes are the way of the future, and astute investors are aware of this. Furthermore, food robots are becoming the town's talk, with reputable companies taking cues from the food industry to make human life easier.  There is a new way to a man's heart, and it is not through his stomach; the trick is robots.

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