The Role of AI in Precision Livestock Farming

Food and Beverages | Friday, August 13, 2021

Precision livestock farming is a cutting-edge technology that permits closer monitoring of individual animals on farms that continue to expand in size.

FREMONT, CA: Animal husbandry is the care and management of livestock. It covers all instruments and technology used to manage and maintain farm animal health, including genetics and behavior. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help farmers manage their cattle more efficiently and with less oversight.

AI offers precision cattle farming, but it isn't significant unless farmers can read and act on the data. AI can perceive and solve problems by emulating human decision-making, potentially changing how a dairy farm functions.

Latest Dairy uses sensors and AI to improve cow, milk, and herd intelligence. The sensor identifies and charts a cow's daily behaviors such as rumination, eating, and movement patterns. The sensor records data on reproduction, health, and nutrition and presents solutions for each cow. Combined with AI software, this sensor provides consumers with proactive problem-solving solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for Monitoring Health

The Intelligent Dairy Farm Assistant (IDA) is the outcome of combining AI and motion sensors. The IDA system uses a motion sensor on the cow's neck to relay movement data. The motion-sensing device feeds the AI algorithm cow movements. The sensor data is saved and matched to the cow's behavior. After collecting enough data, the AI can read the data and determine the cow's activity. By comparing the motion sensor data, the AI can tell if the cow is sick, ready to breed, or has become less productive. The AI also warns the farmer when the cow's behavior changes, allowing for human intervention. It would be nearly impossible to maintain track of every cow in the herd without AI.

Estrus Detection Using Artificial Intelligence

Accurate heat detection (Estrus) is critical to dairy farm success. The improvement of AI technology has enabled farmers to avoid losses due to inaccurate Estrus detection. The cow's neck captures data on cows 24 hours a day. The dairy automation system's AI components process the acquired data to provide insights on heat stress, feeding efficiency, and cow estrus. During the estrus cycle, unique hormones will been released that influence the cow's behavior and movement. For example, a cow in heat will often stay motionless long enough for others to saddle her. The AI component compares recent movement data to stored data to forecast the cow's ovulation cycle. Ovulation occurs 24–32 hours following the commencement of 'Standing heat', giving the farmer the time to prepare for artificial insemination.

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