Top 3 Technologies Changing the Food Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Friday, May 28, 2021

With the new advancements in technology, there are several ways to change how people produce food and eliminate waste-problem. 

FREMONT,CA: When it comes to food, the initial thought that comes to people's mind is not technology. Technology has revolutionized how people produce and find food over the years with the help of applications, robotics, data, and processing techniques.

According to a recent report, technology is assisting food manufacturers in producing more effectively for the world's increasing population. There are currently 7.5 billion people on the planet, which means that food demand rises every year. It is possible to grow food shelf life and safety by using technology to enhance processing and packaging.

The world is evolving, and so is peoples' attitude towards food. Food production is evolving and growing as a result of digital opportunities and an eco-responsible method. These are some of the primary factors driving the food industry revolution.

Robotics and Machines

Machines are used in food companies to ensure quality and affordability. Machines help food manufacturing companies to reduce the expense of maintaining food quality and increases productivity.

Robotic machines help to reduce safety concerns in the hazardous tasks related to the food industry. A technology company even launched a butchery program to help the industry. They can save numerous work injuries by using robots to cut the more tough meats. It is just one example of how technology can help the industry.

3D Printing

In recent years, 3D printing has been incorporated in various industries, including the food sector. There have been numerous applications of 3D printing food, ranging from printing a pizza to developing soft foods for those who are unable to chew hard foods. It paves the way for advancement, allowing people to create numerous things that were not possible before contributing to food sustainability. There are countless ways in which 3D printing is reshaping the industry.


When it comes to how technology can make a difference, precision agriculture is a significant player. It refers to GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery to track crop yields, soil levels, and weather conditions to boost farm efficiency.

They can see what is going on in the fields and utilize the findings to evaluate the soil and the health of the crops. One important way they are accomplishing this is by using drones. These drones are capable of locating and identifying diseased or damaged crops and instantly tending to them.

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