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Top 6 Technologies that will Revamp the Face of Poultry Production

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Technology is capable of changing the way poultry, egg, and feed producers will do business over the next few years.

FREMONT, CA: When we talk about food, technology is not the first thing that crosses our minds. However, over the years, technology has changed how food is produced through applications, robotics, data, and processing techniques. 

Here are the best six technologies that will shape the face of poultry production.

Top 10 Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution Companies - 20203D printing

The obvious example in 3D printing in the poultry industry is the ability to print the parts for equipment. This is specifically helpful in the production areas where the parts are challenging to obtain. Instead of waiting for the parts to be ordered from afar, the same parts can be printed in real-time on-site. Also, 3D printing can be used to lessen production losses and even print meat.


The world has already seen numerous robots arriving at the poultry marketplace, but most of them are relatively expensive. Robots can be utilized to increase production, collect eggs, clean floors, lessen worker injuries, and address the labor shortages by doing work in processing plants that humans do not want to do.


Drones are not a good option for chickens, as the machines might scare the birds, they can be utilized to monitor the flock and the environment in real-time.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can replicate the human mind. It mimics the cognitive functions of humans, along with the learning and problem-solving. This can be used to supervise feed, make production and processing enhancements, and make the industry safer and faster.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality can see things, like bacteria, in which the human eye fails to do so. It can also be utilized to rate eggs in egg processing plants. Thus, with augmented reality, production companies can make what we see smarter, better than before.

Virtual reality

This technology can be utilized to construct a flock's visual representation, enable the farmers to monitor their flocks remotely, and send data to a computer program. It can also help veterinary education, for instance, as a teaching tool, making farm visits unnecessary.

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