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Unique Green Cooking Solutions with GoSun

By Food and Beverages | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Today, renewable technologies are the world’s most popular source of energy. Increasing awareness of the use of renewable energy and the emerging use of renewable energy for daily applications is boosting the growth of the solar market. Using these solar cookers has several advantages. Solar cookers can perform pasteurization processes and retain the nutrient content of food.

GoSun is a company that offers unique green cooking solutions to the world. The patented technology of GoSun enables anyone to bake or cook anything, using only the sun. The company is committed to providing more consumer-friendly solar solutions for those most in need.

GoSun has developed its range of products into a fully-equipped solar kitchen that can cook at any time. The solar kitchen concept of the company focuses on the GoSun Fusion, a hybrid oven that can cook using solar power or electricity. A user can cook a meal with solar power in about an hour with the Fusion. The GoSun Fusion integrates a 150-watt heating element under the cooking tray in stainless steel. It enables to cook at any time, combining reliability and portability with solar or electric ovens that have never been possible.

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At night, by drawing power from the new lithium-ion power bank product, the Fusion can cook a meal at the same time. The power bank receives energy from a foldable solar panel that is present in it. The company also unveiled the GoSun Chill, called a cooler by the company.

The company’s offering is as powerful as its principle, effectively retaining 80 to 90 percent of all sunlight in its storage capacity. The technology makes the most advanced solar cooking equipment to date.

GoSun fusion allows the users to cook from anywhere, with the presence of the vacuum tube of the oven, which is known for its advanced thermal performance. It is five times more efficient than a normal oven to cook food. The investment in the production of such solar cooking products is less, which profits the businesses greatly.

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