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What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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Upcoming Awe-Inspiring Packaging Design Trends

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

When it comes to product packaging a multitude of innovations and options— both aesthetically and functionally—is there to experiment with. The packaging industry relies on sophisticated printing and converting machinery to deliver the quality, efficiency, and innovation that the market demands. Below is a list of the most influential trends in packaging design.

Minimalism: Many companies and brands aim to become more transparent, and packaging design trends are expected to become smart and simple. It will help them to improve their brand identity, and allow products to speak for themselves. As a core principle of minimalism, everything non-essential is stripped away, and to overcome packaging challenges the substance of the object is exposed to minimalistic packaging.

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Gradients: In terms of color, black and white are expected to grow with nude, pastel, and neutral toned color. While both subtle and bright gradients are also likely to make an appearance in the coming years. Gradients will no longer be left as background decoration but will become the main component of overall package design. Gradients provide packaging designers the opportunity to create something that feels fresh and new by blending colors, resulting in something unique and revitalizing.

Sustainable Packaging: Going plastic free is a growing trend that should be embraced by the industry. The use of sustainable packaging will continue to grow with a specific emphasis on this plastic-free packaging. This trend is a response to rising consumer concerns eco-friendly packaging. Majority of consumers are demanding online retailers to use eco-friendly packaging materials. However, plastic in packaging cannot be, and many companies are developing innovations to make plastic packaging eco-friendly.

Shapes: Shapes are playing an important role in packaging design trends. Many companies are searching for ways to bring innovative forms and structures while offering efficiency, longevity and full product use

Graphics: Different types of graphic designs are expected to become a trend in the coming year, with emphasis mainly on bold typography, vintage and storytelling designs that help bring brand stories to life. The use of fluid and geometric shapes and 8-bit style designs are also expected to trend in the future.

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