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Voice-Enabled Applications Updating and Upgrading the Food and Beverage Industry

By Food and Beverages | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Voice technologies bring massive possibilities to the food and beverage industry by delivering new services and products to create a new marketing era.

FREMONT, CA: Food and beverage industry are rapidly recognizing the potentials of innovations and technologies in every segment from manufacturing, and preparing till the deliveries. Surprisingly, among the latest technological implementation, voice technologies are benefiting the industry in a more significant aspect. Its application allows the food and beverage industry to reduce cost and increase the accuracy of orders picking. Voice technologies also affect the time and workers training system, increase customer trust. With various advantages in the industry, voice technology brings value and quality to the whole work system. Streamlining the working operations, voice commands optimize the task and reduce the cost of training or supervision. 

• Benefits for Supply Chain

Using voice technologies in the supply chain can deliver a real-time view of data from different sources to the managers and supervisors. The robust set of features offered by the technology enables the flexibility to respond in real-time to ever-changing demands. The shorter time frame of the delivery improves the service levels and lowers down the cost automatically. It offers a dynamic control on the task routing and management, optimizing facility, and labor resources. Complete integration of voice technology increases the accuracy of order picking and management at the core level of work processes. 

• Customer Service

In the customer-centric market, voice technology proves to set new horizons for the food and beverage industry. With the broader appeal of unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility to use various medium makes the technology an all-rounder for achieving customer satisfaction. Voice commands by the customers quickly perform 99.9+% of accuracy and eliminate the chances of error from the distribution of products with the product’s critical shelf life. Integrating the voice and scanning together allow the customers to get insights and access extra information about the food products. Voice-enabled applications and devices provide endless advantages for the customers, such as making reservations, accurately ordering directly from pre-set restaurant or food retails. Voice automation offers a comfortable and accessible ordering experience to the consumers without leaving the comforts of their home.

• New Business Model

Somewhat, voice technology is about data and algorithms, which helps the food and beverage industry to connect with the market. It allows them to sell food in the customers’ mailboxes and other advertising channels. Increase in the voice-enabled assistants in latest devices and smartphones help the industry to connect faster and expand its reach among the audience. Noticeably, there are different voice picking technologies available in the market to enable the instruction deliveries and collections in multiple languages. The facility makes it more convenient for the company to compete at a global level. Simple and effective marketing solutions save a lot of investment in old flyers, posters, and ads. The real-time reality of the technology significantly changes the management and marketing strategies of industry, allowing them to update according to the customer demands and achieve their satisfaction level.

The food and beverage industry includes dynamic operations and demands excellent monitoring and management system. Onboarding more innovative technologies like sensors for measuring and automatically controlling the temperature for food and equipment, scheduling software to manage the shifts and optimize the work distribution, virtual reality for advanced training facilities for newly joined professionals and there are many, successfully accepted by the industry for growth and benefits. The successful implementation of technologies empowers the food and beverage industry to compete in the global market and enhance its existing strategies for higher operability.

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