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Important Features of an On-Demand Food Ordering App

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Waitbusters Announces the Launch of Call Concierge Feature

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Waitbusters announces the launch of a new "Call Concierge" feature through which restaurants never miss a customer call again.

FREMONT, CA: Waitbusters, LLC has announced the launch of a new "Call Concierge" feature. Restaurants will never miss a customer call again if they use "Call Concierge," an automated answering service. The functionality, which can be utilized as a complement to Waitbusters' existing sophisticated software or as a stand-alone solution, allows businesses to manage in-house visitors while attending to the demands of phone-in customers. Customers receive simple audio instructions that guide them to an SMS with one-click access to place online purchases, reserve a table, join the waiting line or even seek directions using this function. Here is how it functions:

When a consumer calls the restaurant to place an order, make a reservation, get in line, ask for directions, or learn about the daily specials, no live person may not be there to answer, but Call Concierge can solve this problem.

Call Concierge offers a sequence of prompts that ask the consumer which of the actions they want to take, and then they push the number that corresponds to the action they want to take.

Following that, the consumer gives an SMS message with a link to the online buying, reservation, or wait for the line management system (or anything the operator chooses).

The customer is satisfied, and the restaurant has not lost business due to the missed call.

The "Call Concierge" idea was developed to address the restaurant industry's most pressing problem: a staffing shortage. Restaurants faced lower revenue due to the Covid-19 outbreak and were forced to cut their labor force or perhaps close down. As companies reopened, the labor scarcity persisted, even though customers rushed to restaurants. Restaurants couldn't keep or hire enough workers to meet consumer needs constantly. As a result, technology like Call Concierge is available to help restaurants pivot to continue bringing in income and keep their businesses viable.

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