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What are the New Trends in the Food Packaging Industry?

Food and Beverages | Monday, May 17, 2021

The consumers' lifestyle and increasing demand for sustainability is forcing the packaging companies to use sustainable products.

FREMONT, CA: The demand for the worldwide food packaging market is increasing, and it will continue to change due to the consumers' desire, and modern lifestyle allows a shift in the way people consider food. Most of the consumer trends from the past few years are still popularly used, and one of them is the health-conscious foods that prioritize sustainability. Here are some of the consistent trends that directly impact packaging development.

1. Clean labels

Consumers are more interested in foods with familiar ingredients free from artificial additives and have moved away from refined sugar. Today, it is essential for most consumers to understand the components on the food labels and believe that the products with familiar ingredients are healthier.

Therefore, food processors are trying to develop recipes that involve natural and healthy ingredients in every food category. To meet the requirement of clean label demands that packaging companies are providing clear product images. They are also offering readable and identifiable labeling that has information about the package size and nutritional content.

2. Plant-based ingredients

In the last few years, the demand for plant-based foods has also increased. It has also increased the food market. The plant-based foods related to dairy and meat have increased the gap in the growth margins.

The plant-based food has become a practical option compared the environmentally challenging products. The food packaging companies also cannot gain by adding non-recyclable packaging. With zero landfills' objective, the plant-based food organizations are interested in sustainable packaging material that can be recyclable.

3. Lifestyle foods

The functional foods are continuously growing as the consumer trend of health-conscious choices are increasing. It also increases the demand for natural products, helping manage energy, moods, and sleep. Such items also appeal to the health-conscious generations like the young and old.

The longer lifespan has helped the food and drink manufacturers design products that can easily maintain and improve joint, eye, bone, and brain health. The snacks are getting replaced by the meals at an increasing rate because the portion size, healthier ingredients, and convenient portable packaging are making it easier to eat away from home. 

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