What are the Steps Involved in Primary Meat Processing System?

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Meat, like many other consumables, is perishable and constitutes a health threat when consumed. So the luscious meat has to go through a few crucial steps before it reaches the consumer’s table.

Fremont, CA: A meat processing system is a collection of processes used to improve meat's texture, flavor, and shelf life. The multiple procedures involved in this process produce a wide range of texture and flavor variances in meat. Additionally, it is seen as a method of nutrition diversification. Primary meat operations have two options, the first of which is to mix less attractive carcass portions with lean meat. The second technique increases the meat supply by adding other commodities into the final product, such as cereal.

Here are the steps involved in the primary meat processing system:

Stunning and slaughter

To avoid prolonged agony, animals are usually shocked prior to slaughter. Carbon dioxide, electric shock, or a captive bolt cannon are used to stagger. Prior to final slaughter, the animal is rendered unconscious through this operation.


Before butchering an animal, one must first remove its pelt or, in the case of fowl, its feathers. A plucking machine assists professionals in extracting pelt from livestock. Following the removal of fur or feathers, the dressed carcass is sliced carefully to avoid rupturing the internal organs.


The size, muscle mass, and fat content of meat are all rated. Meat is graded according to the shape of the carcass and the hardness of lean meat. On the basis of these characteristics, the poultry is graded on a scale of A to C


For ultimate consumer sale, large racks of beef are split into smaller portions. After all, boneless skinless chicken breasts should be deboned and coarsely diced before being cooked. With tremendous accuracy, the cattle are chopped into ribs, bacon, or brisket.

Packaging and distribution

After slicing the meat, it is vacuum-sealed in plastic bags. It is then packaged and sent to retailers, restaurants, and other merchants, where the consumer can try the succulent meat for the first time.

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