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What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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What are the Various Post-Processing Operations in the Food Sector?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, July 16, 2020

The food industry has to follow various post-processing operations so that the quality, quantity, and nutrition of the food remains intact.

FREMONT, CA: In recent years, the food processing industry has witnessed a severe transformation. The patterns of food consumption have been massively influenced by the growing population and changing lifestyles. Today the consumers have become more focused on food quality, quantity, convenience, and nutrition. Therefore, food manufacturing and processing industries have offered a wide range of foods that can fulfill the consumers' requirements. They have also enhanced the processes and operations in manufacturing products to increase their market reach. 

The food processing operations consist of different processes utilized for preparing and processing the food to increase their shelf like and improve the organoleptic properties. There are also post-processing operations in the food technology that consists of methods like packaging, coating or enrobing, labeling, distribution, filling and sealing of the containers, and material handling storage. 

Coating or enrobing

This method is followed by the food industry to enhance the texture, quality, flavor, and appearance of the food to increase its variety. The process uses batter or breadcrumbs to coat various food like vegetables, chocolates, fish, meat, and other confectionery items. The coat also acts as a barricade against the gaseous exchange and prevent mechanical damages. 

Top 10 Food Processing and Packaging Tech Solution Companies - 2020Filling and sealing of containers

Numerous ingredients can be used for filling, but it must abide by the fill-weight legislation. The boxes are sealed so that it can maintain the quality and shelf-life of the food. If the filling and sealing is not done appropriately, it can damage the food. 


Packaging can be the most significant part of food processing operations. The method makes sure that the products are safely delivered to the consumers at a minimum cost. In the past few years, the packaging material and systems are continually developing to be made environment and user friendly. Packaging has some significant functions like protection, machinability, containment, convenience, and communication. Various types of metals are used as packaging material like metals, flexible films, textiles, paper, wood, glass, and cardboard. 


Labeling is an integral part of the product's marketing strategy as it works as an interface among the consumer and manufacturer. These labels are made from various materials like plastic film, laminated materials, paper, or foil. Furthermore, the method used for printing the information on the label is known as rotogravure techniques and lithographic.

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