What's New In Food Processing Technology?

By Evelynn Becker, IT Manager , Dean Foods

What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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What's in your Ice?

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Managing Risk in the Food Manufacturing Industry

What is the Future of AI in Food and Beverage Industry?

Food and Beverages | Monday, November 23, 2020

The food and drinks industry is introducing artificial intelligence that will help them to automate various operations.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence can help the food industry in various ways like dealing with pressure, climate change, feeding an ever-increasing global population with efficiency and many more. AI is a term for the skills that is shown by the learning systems which are used by humans to exhibit intelligence. Today, the essential abilities of AI consist of image and video recognition, speech, and other skills, including prediction and complex analytics. The utilization of AI in the food and drinks manufacturing comes under the definition of the fourth manufacturing revolution or Industry 4.0.

Many parts of food and drinks have already implemented AI. Starting from supply chain management, predictive maintenance, waste management, and scheduled ordering, to food safety compliance, weather predictions, and new product development. The use of machine learning is also transforming the business to a great extent.

The new technologies will also help to feed a growing and ageing population because it will develop a more efficient method to grow and process raw materials. The methods will also assist food companies in reducing food waste. AI can even be utilized for navigating the climate change so that it becomes easy to plant crops in areas where it will thrive.

For the companies, extensive use of AI will generate cost savings, offer better business management, and increase profit. In the present situation, the world of AI in the food and beverage industry is dominated by the innovative collaboration of tech companies and start-ups. They are slowly developing machine learning so that it can help them to tackle particular challenges.

Today, due to easy availability AI technology can be implemented in every phase of the food chain, and it can become an important factor in changing the entire procedures. Starting from initial production and farming to the final products, the technology can be applied in any stage. Companies who can use the potential of AI efficiently can successfully stay ahead of the competition.

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