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What Marketing Ideas Can Restaurants Use to Make Guests feel Special?

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Wednesday, May 27, 2020

It is not necessary to invest a huge amount of money to revamp a restaurant during special occasions, but the hoteliers can follow some innovative marketing ideas to make their guests feel special.

FREMONT, CA : Every human loves to celebrate special occasions in their life and particularly the ones that they spent with their loved ones. On occasions like anniversary, valentines’ day, birthday people might prefer to celebrate by preparing a special night out that can end with a beautiful dinner.

Therefore, it is necessary that after the end of holiday seasons, the restaurant owners are ready to provide their customers with the facilities that will make their day more special. For occasions like this, the restaurant owners can apply several marketing ideas that will help them to boost their sales and also satisfy the customers with their service.

Leveraging Social Media and Email Marketing

The perfect tool for business owners to show off their services is social media platforms. They can post on their social media channels from where the customers will get to know why they must choose that particular restaurant on their special day.

The hotels can also use the POS system for collecting email addresses at the point of purchase. They can utilize the customer database and send their potential customers emails consisting of coupons and other promotional announcements.

Preparing for Special Days

The date of Easter and Thanksgiving change, but the time of a person’s anniversary or Valentine’s Day never changes. Therefore, the consistency of the date makes it easy for the restaurant owners because, on such significant dates, people tend to make an early reservation. Customers generally like to make their reservations from 7 p.m., so the restaurant owners must ensure that they have sufficient employees who can attend the guest at such rush hour. Furthermore, customers prefer to complete their booking at least a week earlier, so the hoteliers have to keep their booking window out of any trouble. If the booking window of restaurant crashes while customers are booking, they will not think twice before moving forward with some other dining place.

Advertising the Event

The significant customers must know about a restaurant or the type of offers they are providing to their guests. There are several restaurant apps and social media platforms where the hotels can advertise about the discounts and other specialties of the restaurant during any special occasions that they are offering to their guests. It is also necessary that the advertisement is attractive so that it appeals to the guests and booking their place for a special night.

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