What Packaging Trends are Influencing the Food Industry?

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Monday, January 18, 2021

The food packaging industry is getting influenced by the emerging trends because of the consumers’ demand for clean, convenient, and smart solutions.

FREMONT, CA: In the food industry, the packaging is as important as the contents inside. The food packaging market makes it easy for the product to extend its shelf-life and also allows to conduct long-distance transportation. It will help the hoteliers to select their packaging materials if they are aware of the new food packaging trends. Here are a few of the food-packaging trends to follow. 

1. Emotional Engagement

For the consumers purchasing a packet of food it more than just food because they want to be a part of the story. According to researchers, human beings get more impacted by emotions instead of information while making decisions while making the brand. While advertisement in social media or any other social platform, emotional content is very much popular among the consumers as it generates positive sentiments towards the brand.

2. Solutions with Technology

One of the best ways to package products is by using smart packaging and technology can be used in the packaging procedure that will offer the consumers with more security, information, and convenience. The food packaging that is implanted with printed QR codes, NFC chips, or Smart Labels can be scanned by using a smartphone so that the customers can get more data about the products.

Smart packaging can also keep track of numerous other parameters like temperature, fermentation, and PH level so that the sellers can make sure about its quality, maintenance, and flavor matches the health standards.

3. Transparent and Clear Labeling

Human beings are aware of the product that they eat even when food packets have information about the ingredients. Therefore, the food companies must adapt transparent packaging and precise labeling to make a list of the contents present in the product.

4. Designs Inspired from Vintage Graphics

The designs inspired by vintage graphics have a nostalgic value because it instigates happy feelings among consumers as it reminds them of simple times. The term vintage can refer to a single era or a combination of periods, but these types of designs evoke emotions that appeal to the people who lived in those eras.

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