What's New In Food Processing Technology?

By Evelynn Becker, IT Manager , Dean Foods

What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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What's New in Food Processing Technology?

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Technology and food continue to lead the world.

FREMONT, CA: The food industry continues to its search for opportunities to move towards smarter and more prominent food processing paradigm. With technology taking its role of transformation and heading the food ecosystem, food processing has become finer and more intelligent than ever. The food processing technology is also raising the standards of the performance and service of the food companies as this technology has a direct impact on the way food is cooked or processed. In addition, the modern customers have their needs and requirement evolving at a constant rate, and this further calls for food technologists to innovate rigorously in the stream of food processing. Top 10 Food Safety Services Companies - 2020

What is new in food processing? And how is technology modernizing this domain? The food sellers all around the globe are giving heightened preferences to digitalization. Digital food processing systems are gaining traction, thereby inspiring and encouraging the food industry to go digital almost completely. High tech food processing solutions bring in an increased amount of transparency, which customers demand today. These digital modules carry out the labeling and packaging of the food products automatically. Computerized processors increase the traceability of the product.

Modern food processors have in them intelligent hardware equipment such as sensors and meters, analogs, remote accesses to device and machinery, machine control infrastructure, the cloud, and more. Investing in such a smart food processing system always helps the food businesses, be it big such as restaurants, and hotels, or small, to integrate food processing operations and monitor them inch to inch even from a remote location.

Pairing up the smart food processing devices with technologies such as artificial intelligence and algorithms based on machine learning help predict threats and risks prior to their occurrence. This further eases the tasks for food companies as they prevent a hazard rather than fighting against it and sorting out the complexities and consequences caused by it after the event. With a smooth and intelligent system for processing food and packaging it, the food industry can open the doors for the greatest level of revenue and gain the highest value for customers, along with giving them beautiful experiences for them.

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