Why are Modern Food Storage Solutions Gaining Popularity?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The food storage technology of today is unique, advanced, and reliable.

FREMONT, CA: Be it slicing an apple or dicing a vegetable, food storage plays a critical role in increasing the shelf life of anything and everything that is edible. Do you have a customer ordering a dessert? So then, it is a must for your restaurant to have an extremely optimized cold storage facility. The techniques and concepts that are used by the legacy food storage systems might not be serving the purpose of the food business of today. A clear, structured, and integrated yet simple and advanced food storage system is more than just essential. While there are various aspects of the food industry going high tech, the food storage part of it is certainly not an exception.

Top 10 Food Tech Startups - 2019There are a large number of food packaging technologies that are available in the market today. These solutions majorly focus on holding and storing cut fruits and vegetables in a packed form for using them further in preparing the recipe. But the advanced food storage technology such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) makes way to lock in the food items and their freshness as well. Food in its natural forms such as a fruit or a vegetable, is very much vulnerable to the external environment. The interaction of oxygen with the moisture content in the food caused displeasing reactions and changed the appearance and properties of the food. MAP replaces oxygen, preferably with nitrogen, and thereby closes all the vulnerabilities of the food items.

Yet another optimized innovation in the realm of food storage could be a configuration that facilitates the reapplication of MAP. This unique tech algorithm can be practically used in plates, cups, and bowls. This technology makes use of natural elements, and in addition, they also offer various features such as recyclability, reusability, and renewability as well. Today, food storage technology is being developed, especially for commercial food sellers and businesses. The advancements are sure to cater to extending the shelf life of the food, reserve its natural freshness, and also ensure that the taste of the food is unaffected.

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