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Why is Safety the Most Critical Aspect of Meat Processing?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, December 23, 2021

Numerous bacteria can grow on animal products, which is why it is critical to handle and store all types of meat carefully.

FREMONT, CA: The primary concern of small meat plant owners and management in the meat processing industry should be safety. This encompasses the safety of food, employees, and customers.

Food Safety throughout the Harvesting Process

Microbial safety is critical for both raw and cooked food. An inspector will oversee the harvest of animals for inspected products. If it is a custom-processed animal, one should visually inspect it while alive and during the harvesting process for abnormalities. If something does not "look right," one should speak with the animal's owner. Contamination such as dirt, faeces, and hair should be removed from the corpse during the harvesting process. When placing corpses in the cooler, ensure that the cooler is not congested, as this will hinder the carcasses from chilling correctly. If one is harvesting animals while undergoing inspection, he must follow the relevant HACCP plan. If one is harvesting specially processed animals, he should consider adopting a voluntary HACCP plan to harvest the animal appropriately.

Food Safety throughout the Processing

When processing raw and processed items subject to inspection, one must adhere to the relevant HACCP plan. Adhering to HACCP SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and SSOPs (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) can ensure the safety of the products. One must ensure that things are packaged and labelled correctly. Improperly labelled allergen-containing products are a severe issue that can result in product recalls. A product recall can have a significant negative impact on a company's reputation.

Following packaging and labelling, ensure that the products are adequately refrigerated or frozen. Each step, from the time the live animal enters the facility to the time the final products leave. A single weak connection might bring the entire system to a halt.

Employee Protection

Employee safety is a severe concern in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak. When necessary, all personnel must wear face masks and adopt social distancing. If a corporation has an outbreak of COVID-19 among its personnel, the company may be forced to close.

Additionally, one should ensure that chemicals, insecticides, paints, and lubricants are appropriately utilised. Improper use of these goods might pose a risk to staff and customers alike. Equipment that is not adequately maintained might potentially constitute a hazard.

Customer Protection

During the COVID-19 epidemic, one must ensure that consumers have a safe shopping environment and anticipate that customers would follow safety measures. This safeguards not only them but also the personnel. Customers may prefer to have the pickup or delivery made without using contact.

Proper processing, packing, labelling, and storage all contribute to the safety of the client. Employees must understand their role in all aspects of safety and get training in areas relevant to their job duties. I believe it is critical to hold weekly corporate meetings to review safety procedures/concerns.

Operating a small meat processing company may be a financially and emotionally gratifying endeavour.

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