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Why it has Become Significant to Maintain the eCommerce Trends

Food and Beverages | Friday, February 21, 2020

The food packaging companies, along with other industries, have to maintain the latest trends of applying technologies to remain competitive in the market.

FREMONT, CA: The eCommerce platform is continuously growing due to which the brands have to deal with SKU proliferation and the challenges of making sure that the consumers receive the products with perfect conditions. The manufacturers and brands are taking complicated supply chain that changes rapidly and also have numerous opportunities, so they need to understand and prepare themselves with the appropriate solutions for remaining competitive. 

Fighting against Counterfeit 

With eCommerce purchasing experience for consumers become quite affordable, and the brands can also reach their targeted customers all over the world. However, such methods can also create lots of vulnerabilities due to forgery, mainly when the companies are retailing from a third-party channel. 

To diminish such counterfeit, the brands can maintain their authenticity by applying security features in their packaging. The companies can use tamper-evident labels through which the customers can understand the difference between a genuine product and an imitation. Moreover, the brands can also make use of the visual effects to the holograms such as micro letters, microscopic symbols, or emerging images. 

Different Methods for Different Channels

Top Food Automation and Manufacturing Solution CompaniesThe companies can sell their products to the consumers from their online channels or any third party channels, but it becomes critical to meet the flexible shifts. If the organization does not have the right device and infrastructure to provide fast changeover, fluctuating volumes, and several batch run, then it might not meet the upsurge in product demand. Therefore, it becomes significant to invest in solutions such as digital printing press that can manage the changes or invest in automated packaging equipment that manages various packages of size, shapes, and formats. 

Furthermore, if the companies are upgrading their eCommerce necessities, it is better to apply for two types of product packages. Among them, one can be for eCommerce and the other for store shelves. This dual approach to the package design proves that the standard method of retail is still there despite the increasing demand for eCommerce. However, since most of the consumers prefer online stores rather than brick-and-mortar, so brands must adapt omnichannel distribution instead of developing different packages for similar products. The brands can also remain committed to a single packaging design that will meet the shelf appeal. 

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