A Recipe For Development In The Food & Beverages Industry

By Sławomir Kluszczyński, Chief Operating Officer, LOTTE Wedel

A Recipe For Development In The Food & Beverages Industry

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and Consumer

By Marco Albino, Director Supply Chain, Granarolo Group

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and...

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and Consume

By Marco Albino, Director Supply Chain

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and...

In the interest of both consumers and the planet

By Pawel Nowak, CEO, Goodvalley

In the interest of both consumers and the planet

Why Online Ordering and Food Delivery is on the Rise?

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Monday, January 03, 2022

The increasing demand for online ordering and food delivery services has become the primary reason for the restaurants to change their business model.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, the food industry has gone through a remarkable revolution. Today the customers have the option of online food ordering and get it delivered in their homes as fast as possible. The demand for food ordering service is increasing rapidly because people like to sit at the comfort of their home rather than going out to eat after a tiring workday.

Therefore, it has become necessary that the delivery sectors and restaurants recognize the trends in the market due to the frequent changing of patterns. It can also benefit them if they realize the opportunities in the industry and invest in the right sector.

The Food Delivery Businesses

Top 10 Food Ordering and Delivery Tech Solution Companies - 2019Presently, customer orders are directly delivered from the restaurant websites or apps due to the transformation that has happened in the food delivery business. Moreover, food businesses and restaurants are now managing digital orders and delivery of food in various ways. However, many food companies have their independent platforms and take food orders, but some take orders of their customers from third-party platforms. This is also one of the primary reason due to which the online delivery platform is increasing because there is numerous hybrid delivery platform that takes order on behalf of the restaurants.

The online food delivery service has become a massive business due to its demands among the consumers. The competition among the online platforms has increased so that they can secure their position in the market.

Transformation in Food Business Models

One of the primary reasons for the rapid growth in the food delivery business is the transformation of the business model among the restaurants. Recently the restaurants have adopted various emerging trends like party delivery, same-hour or same-day delivery, next day delivery, and many other methods. The eateries have also become accustomed to other food delivery models like delivery from store, curbside pickup, and robotic warehouses.

The restaurants have also started to apply new technologies like aggregators, restaurant apps, cloud kitchen, delivery apps, and loyalty apps so that they can attract customers and increase their profit.

The shift in Consumer Preferences

In this era of digitalization, people do everything in their hand-held devices. Therefore, they also expect that the food industry will offer food delivery service in online platforms. The restaurant customers find it reasonable to order their food from mobile apps. The transformation in customer preference in one of the primary reasons due to which the businesses are changing their business model and adapting the ways according to consumers.

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