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Why Safety is an Important Component in the Meat Processing Industry

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

To realize the benefits of running a small meat processing company, it is essential to prioritize safety in every aspect of the operation.

FREMONT, CA: The most critical factor for small meat plant owners and managers to be worried about in the meat processing industry is SAFETY. Food safety, employee safety, and consumer safety are all included.

Meat processing companies play a vital role in meeting the demands of a growing population for high-quality, nutritional foods. Meat is high in nutrients, yet inappropriate industrial preparation poses health and safety risks to the environment. If the companies have to deal with such dangers, it can negatively impact humans and the environment.

There are crucial safety and health risks in the meat processing sector, such as high noise levels, unsafe machinery, slippery floors, musculoskeletal issues, and toxic chemicals. Musculoskeletal problems account for a significant portion of these severe injuries, still prevalent among meat processors. Additionally, workers in the meat processing industry may be vulnerable to biological risks such as handling live animals or exposure to feces and blood, raising the risk of contracting various diseases.

Food Safety During Harvesting

The microbial safety of raw and cooked foods is critical. An inspector will oversee the harvesting of animals for inspected products. If the animal has been custom-processed, meat processing companies must visually inspect it while it is alive and throughout the harvesting process for any deformities. If something doesn't "look right," they must immediately talk to the animal's owner. Contamination like dirt, feces, and hair must be removed from the carcasses during the harvesting process. Companies should follow the relevant HACCP Plan if they are harvesting animals under inspection.

Food Safety During Processing

Companies must follow the proper HACCP Plan for processing raw and processed items under inspection. HACCP SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and SSOPs (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) will assist the meat processing companies to produce safe products. They must ensure that things are packaged and labeled correctly. An inaccurately labeled product that contains an allergen is a significant problem that can lead to product recalls. A product recall can have a significant negative impact on a company's reputation.

Employee Safety

Employee safety is a severe concern in the current COVID-19 outbreak. When necessary, all workers must wear face masks and adopt social distancing. They must also ensure that chemicals, pesticides, paints, lubricants, and other similar substances are utilized carefully and away from the meat products. If an outbreak of COVID-19 occurs among the employees, the company may be forced to close.

Customer Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies must ensure that the customers have a safe shopping environment and expect them to follow safe procedures. Such safety measures secure the consumers and the workers in the organization. The companies may also provide the option of choosing contactless pickup or delivery.

Customer safety depends on proper processing, packaging, labeling, and storage. Employees must understand their role in every part of safety and get training in areas relevant to their job duties.

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