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Whyare Beverage BusinessesEmbracing Artificial Intelligence

Food and Beverages | Thursday, February 17, 2022

Artificial intelligence is a developing concern for the beverage sector and its suppliers. While much conjecture exists over the optimal integration of AI into relevant business models, there is no doubting that the beverage industry is increasing its use

FREMONT, CA: Massive volumes of data are collected via sensors, warehouses, and marketing, all of which encourage the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) for data interpretation and utilization. Each business division generates data that can be used. Any practical use of data requires intelligent systems, which increasingly incorporate AI. Machines can make decisions independently by identifying data patterns and then comparing and matching them to different sorts of behavior.

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AI can assist consumers in selecting the appropriate beverage: AI can be applied in the beverage business to assist end consumers in selecting the appropriate beverage. For instance, "What's Your Whisky?" is a new digital app from beverage giant Diageo that demonstrates just how this may work. It is intended to assist consumers in determining their preferred whiskey by asking them a series of questions about their unique taste and flavor preferences. This technology can boost revenue while also strengthening customer loyalty, and it might be adapted to other segments of the beverage industry.

"Smartglass"—the innovative AI-assisted communication tool is making the rounds in the beverage business:  "Smartglass," which makes clever use of AI and opens up a slew of new options for the beverage industry pubs and restaurants, as well as end consumers. It is a drinking glass with an NFC (near field communication) chip embedded in it. Each NFC chip has a unique ID number, which gives each glass its identification.

Additionally, the "Smartglass" may communicate directly with end-users. To read an NFC chip, they need to place their smartphone or tablet next to the chip embedded in the glass. As such, the glass enables the beverage sector to communicate with consumers in a tailored, group-specific manner, including information about competitions, special events, the brand, and recommended drinks.

Supply businesses are exploring methods to use AI in the beverage sector: Supply firms are increasingly providing prospects for AI in the beverage industry. For example, Krones subsidiary Syskron has developed the IIoT multi-client platform Share2Act, enabling the interconnection and mapping of all machines used in production, regardless of manufacturer. Additionally, the system includes various capabilities seen in traditional MES suites.

The collection, classification, and backup of important production data enable intelligent systems to make factual claims and provide specific action recommendations. This enables consideration of the beverage industry's altering criteria. It should serve as a solid foundation for AI throughout the beverage industry.

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