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Zeelandia Experiences 83 Percent Reduction In Time Taken To Prepare Customer Product Recommendations With Infor

Food and Beverages | Friday, September 02, 2022

With AI-driven product and price recommendations, the global bread ingredients business raises revenues and improves customer experience.

Fremont, CA: The restaurant business is changing quickly. If you don't have help or expertise, managing a restaurant comes with long-term and short-term issues that can drain you. Practices typical in the restaurant industry just a few years ago are progressively getting phased out in favor of faster and more effective ways to operate. Innovation and technology are completely changing how we operate restaurants, and when appropriately utilized, restaurant management software is a sure-fire way to guarantee a restaurant's success.

Infor, the industrial cloud provider, along with Zeelandia Group, a worldwide bread ingredients producer, has adopted its Infor Coleman AI (artificial intelligence) solution. These new AI capabilities are enhancing the accuracy and speed of product selection and pricing strategies and assisting in the maintenance of business development in the face of persistent market difficulties.

Infor Coleman AI capabilities, which are now in use at Zeelandia's plant in the Czech Republic, will shortly be rolled out across the Netherlands, followed by the group's other global businesses. In 2017, Zeelandia began its digital transformation journey with Infor, migrating its enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, which is currently live in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The cloud ERP system includes a current technological platform, Infor OS, that allows for more value via innovations such as the use of Infor Coleman AI.

Zeelandia Group was facing unprecedented market pressures; a worldwide giant in the bread ingredients sector with operations in over 30 countries and sales in over 100 countries. Due to the greater cost and scarcity of bakery ingredients, new sales and pricing methods were necessary to preserve long-term consumer loyalty while fulfilling profit targets. Furthermore, given the group's diverse product portfolio and extensive client base, Zeelandia realized the necessity to alter the business to meet these objectives digitally.

Zeelandia collaborated with Infor to investigate the possibility of employing Infor Coleman AI capabilities to provide machine-generated product and price suggestions. Due to a manual sales reporting method, preparing to meet with clients to examine which items to propose was previously time-consuming and mistake-prone for the Zeelandia sales team. Choosing the right items for each customer can be difficult, wasting time for both the salesman and the customer.

Zeelandia collaborated with the Infor Coleman AI team to develop Infor Product Recommender, a service that recommends the top five goods to clients based on their likelihood of success. A salesperson picks a customer from a web or mobile dashboard utilizing Infor Birst analytics, showing product recommendations. A salesperson can have up to five client meetings in a single day; therefore, a Product Recommender can save nearly a third of a day of preparation time.

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