Food Tech Innovation in the 21st Century

By Alex Borschow, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Semillero Partners

Food Tech Innovation in the 21st Century

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We Can Replace Animal Agriculture. Here's How.

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Zero Egg Launches The World's First Ready-To-Eat Plant-Based Scrambled Egg

Food and Beverages | Thursday, October 06, 2022

Zero Egg is a food-tech startup that makes it easier than before for food service operators and manufacturers to provide plant-based eggs.

Fremont, CA: Zero Egg is a plant-based Egg for everyone since it is animal-friendly, sustainable, and a healthier choice. The firm, founded in 2018, thinks that plant-based eggs should be an everyday option and is on a quest to make plant-based cuisine accessible to everyone. Zero Egg features the flavor and texture of a regular egg, has better-for-you properties, and is kind to the environment. It gets derived from plant proteins such as soy, potatoes, peas, and chickpeas.

"Our new frozen ready-to-use Scoopable Scramble is a must-have for industrial food manufacturers and foodservice operators everywhere. Whether you're looking to manufacture an easy plant-based scrambled egg, a vegan breakfast burrito, or frozen breakfast bowl, Zero Egg Scoopable Scramble is the perfect solution," says Zero Egg's Corporate Chef, Scott Lamphere.

Zero Egg is committed to meeting the rising need for Egg substitutes that taste, cook, and perform similarly to real eggs, particularly in food service and food processing.

Today, Zero Egg, a food-tech business, unveiled the imminent debut of a game-changing new product: Zero Egg Scoopable Scramble, the world's first ready-to-eat frozen plant-based scrambled Egg.

Zero Egg created a frozen scrambled egg with the same flavor and texture as a regular egg using cutting-edge technology. This innovation gets destined to revolutionize the food service and industrial industries, making it simpler than ever to provide plant-based eggs to the general public.

DOT Foods will make Zero Egg Scoopable Scramble available to food service operators and food producers in the United States. The new unique product is manufactured with a special combination of plant proteins and is free of preservatives, gluten, non-GMO, low in calories and fat, and has no cholesterol.

Compared to regular eggs, Zero Egg products use much less land, water, and energy to manufacture and generate significantly fewer greenhouse emissions. In addition, zero Egg Scoopable Scramble is chef-ready and yields 100 percent, resulting in no product waste and 100 percent useable scrambled eggs. Zero Egg is changing the ordinary into the exceptional, one mouthful at a time.

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