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Gunnar Zinkhahn, CEO, FarmFacts GmbH, NEXT Farming a FarmFacts BrandGunnar Zinkhahn, CEO, FarmFacts GmbH
In the struggle against the impending climate crisis, agricultural lands are increasingly becoming the next center of focus for global environmentalist communities. Apart from accumulating large amounts of carbon dioxide, these farms play an extensive role in preserving biodiversity and supplying water to the local settlements. By utilizing appropriate cultivation techniques, agriculture can make substantial contributions towards protecting native plant species, preserving water, maintaining water equality, and eventually mitigating climate change. Supporting local farmer communities to forge stronger ties among themselves and protect the environment is NEXT Farming–A FarmFacts Brand. The company empowers farmers to modify their farming practices, improve their fields' biological productivity, and eventually generate higher and healthier yields.

Since its foundation in 1985, NEXT Farming has been on a mission to create a stable and sustainable future for farmers. The company works hand-in-hand with them and develops farming solutions that are easy to use and generate high ROI. NEXT Farming continuously collaborates with industry partners and research experts on several national and international projects to help farmers gain the recognition they deserve. The company makes farmers tech-savvy by offering smart solutions geared around high levels of compatibility and guaranteeing universal connectivity between different farming machinery.

The company’s NEXT Farming Live module is an innovative software package that supports numerous farming technologies. The module enables multiple app connections and collaborations, seamless crop planning and documentation, and machine management.
The software provides farmers with real-time information regarding their farm right on their mobile devices, giving them the flexibility they need to ensure optimum farm management. Apart from offering a user-friendly interface, NEXT Farming Live offers high data protection and security protocols, providing only concerned parties. Considering that different farms have different geographical characteristics and farming practices, the module can be customized to suit a farmer’s needs. Complementing the module’s functionality is NEXT Farming AG Office–a comprehensive and world-class farm management system.
  • Digitalization offers us opportunities to create more efficient, quick, and transparent work processes while saving both time and money

NEXT Farming AG Office is a desktop software packed with process management, documentation, nutrient calculation and comparison, and field section management capabilities, empowering farmers to holistically manage their farming operations from a single pane of glass. The module also offers job management functionalities where users can conduct performance analysis and evaluations, gaining valuable insights into the overall efficiency of operations, identifying deficiencies, and improving them. Having developed such groundbreaking farmer solutions, NEXT Farming enhances its farm management platform with an integrated online platform, NEXT Marketplace.

NEXT Marketplace is the first of its kind platform that combines operational and agronomic management with procurement of farm inputs, offering unprecedented process efficiency and simplicity of resource trading among farmers and suppliers. Via the platform, farmers can gain offers and deliver multiple contracts with various local suppliers directly from their farm management system. In the first phase of the launch, NEXT Marketplace will enable the trading of mineral fertilizers to FarmFacts customers in Thuringia and Saxony. The platform will soon be upgraded to enable exchanging a broader range of farm products. “The pressure for change in the agricultural business affects the entire industry, the individual farmer, as well as cooperatives and private agricultural dealers. Digitalization offers us opportunities to create more efficient, quick, and transparent work processes while saving both time and money,” says Gunnar Zinkhahn, CEO of FarmFacts GmbH. With such industry-centric values and missions, it is evident that NEXT Farming will execute the paradigm shift required to digitally transform farming practices across Europe, making them more economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

NEXT Farming a FarmFacts Brand

Pfarrkirchen, Germany.

Gunnar Zinkhahn, CEO, FarmFacts GmbH

NEXT Farming, A FarmFacts company, is a Pfarrkirchen-based provider of innovative, feature-rich software solutions for the agricultural industry

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