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The ever-growing number of environmentally conscious consumers is pushing sustainability to center stage in product packaging, especially when it comes to the wine sector. Wineries and wine fulfillment businesses are already trying to reduce the amount of packaging materials used. But in their sustainability endeavor, they are faced with a key challenge; how do they simultaneously design an engaging and secure package that can protect fragile bottles, without an excessive use of raw materials?

Orora Packaging Solution (OPS) addresses this challenge with a combination of specialized design, advanced packaging technology, and automated packaging equipment. OPS assesses wine products, creates a sustainably focused, custom design, and manufactures the optimal packaging materials in the shortest period possible.

“With our end-to-end packaging solutions and services, we ensure that our clients’ end-consumers are able to get their wine bottles safely, in minimal but attractive packages,” says David Forrest, VP of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), OPS.

OPS applies state-of-the-art packaging processes to create the perfect balance between aesthetics and sustainability. OPS dedicates a team of highly trained winery experts to function as an integral part of its customer’s packaging department to coordinate all packaging processes, from initial package design to the supply of packaged products.
While OPS’s in-house graphics and structural teams work on the optimal packaging design, another internal team procures the right substrates, coatings, laminations, and prints for producing an ecological packaging solution.

OPS’s advanced facility also produces customized bottles of any form, size, and design. Whether the packaging solution in need is simple or complex, OPS ensures the packaged product always stands out on the retail shelf and delivers a positive customer experience. In addition, OPS ensures that no unnecessary space or material is wasted in the packaging process, with the aim of reducing the overall carbon footprint.

OPS provides tailored solutions to all types of wine businesses. Even if the customer decides to fill and pack the beverages themselves, OPS partners with them to provide cutting-edge packaging equipment, from single machines to fully automated production lines.

Before shipment, OPS conducts ISTA-certified quality testing on the packaging solutions to verify their adherence to all regulatory requirements and ensure their alignment with sustainability goals.
  • With our end-to-end packaging solutions and services, we ensure that our clients’ end-consumers are able to get their wine bottles safely, in minimal but attractive packages.

While these capabilities are drawing the attention of wineries and wine fulfillment houses across the U.S., OPS augments its competencies with value-added services. OPS specializes in fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution, which allows wineries to focus only on the winemaking process. As a result, wineries do not have to hire dedicated personnel, lease storage facilities, or sign up with transport firms, saving a significant amount of capital. With OPS, the customer can rest assured that their products will reach the final destination damage-free, giving their end consumers a memorable brand experience.

With a focus on simplified collaboration with customers, OPS is currently developing a personalized e-commerce platform, where customers can assess the specifications of a variety of packaging solutions and services offered, and order everything they need. Whether it’s a 50-case or a 100,000-case producer, OPS ensures its customers are at the forefront of the sustainability movement with eco-friendly packaging. OPS is showing that sustainability can be achieved even while growing profitability, inspiring an increasing number of wineries to embrace future-sighted packaging solutions.

Orora Packaging Solutions

Buena Park, California

David Forrest, Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Orora Packaging Solutions serves the winery sector by providing a wide array of corrugated products, including custom and stock packaging materials, facility supplies, equipment and automation, and primary packaging services

Orora Packaging Solutions
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