Paragon Data Systems: Solves Operational Problems throughout the Supply Chain

CIO VendorLarry Laurenzi, President
Today compliance plays a decisive role for any enterprise to mature and reach operational excellence. The food and beverage industry is governed by the regulation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which mandates that food producers need to identify their food products from the produced lot: an uphill task for most companies to perform. Besides, the whole process of tracking and managing data also helps to prevent fines from the FDA if the broadline distributor faces a recall. In such a situation the distributor would be able to share the supply chain information from the data-driven system efficiently without facing public backlash or financial loss on spoiled products. To deal with such challenges, Cleveland based firm Paragon Data Systems offers solutions to collect, track, and manage product data.

Paragon uses its food traceability solution to identify and label the produce with barcode-readable information and track it all the way through the production cycle.
Through this software the food producer, distributor, or manufacturer can confirm the exact location of the product along with the product order code after scanning the barcode with a barcode scanner. This provides a hassle-free wireless infrastructure. Paragon builds sophisticated solutions using leading barcode manufacturers like Zebra, Ecom, and Epson to help clients trace their products in the supplychain lifecycle,” begins Larry Laurenzi, President of Paragon Data Systems.

Paragon’s food traceability solution was utilized by New Day Blueberry Farm to improve their response time to damaged products or recalls.

The client was provided with a cradle-to-grave application where they had an identifier number on every pack of blueberries which helped them trace their produce all the way from the fields from where they were picked to the grocery store. It was a large-scale operation that enhanced the visibility of the entire supply chain to the client. “Our automated food traceability solution provides an overview of the whole process, enabling clients to target only the lot that has been contaminated, and not the whole produce shipment,” says Laurenzi.

Another original Paragon solution is the Bun Tracker application that serves the delivery needs of the perishable food industry by notifying the clients about the sequencing of their products. This sequencing application helps the clients to automate the process of sequencing and reverse sequencing by streamlining the moving process of the products. Hence with the help of the application clients can understand the reverse order when unloading the products, the order followed is Last-in-first-out (LIFO) as the products are in long transit. “We are able to draw data from the database and load it into the mobile computer with the products that are identified and be able to tell them the sequencing,” comments Laurenzi.

Paragon strives to create sophisticated, customized systems that are intuitive and easy to use, and meet all of their clients’ operational requirements. Paragon provides a turn key solution by offering system design consulting, barcoding hardware and network installation, user training, and all post sale support and hardware repair. They even keep an inventory of all consumables for their clients to provide swift, on-time delivery. Paragon’s goal is maximum up-time, so their clients’ operations are never interrupted.

Over the years the company has evolved into a complete barcode system integrator. “We intend to implement more RFID and cloud computing solutions. We are developing a server-based system for the future,” concludes Laurenzi. In a couple of years, Paragon also plans to expand its solutions into the restaurant industry where the company is expected to see lot more growth.

"Our automated food traceability solution provides an overview of the whole process, enabling clients to target only the lot that has been contaminated, and not the whole produce shipment"

- Larry Laurenzi, President

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