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John White, EVP and CTO, PDQ Signature SystemsJohn White, EVP and CTO
The emergence of mobile-based payment models, the need for harnessing ‘big data’ as it relates to the consumer and advances in analytic and processing capabilities have ushered in a new era for point of sale technology. Known as next-generation POS, they vastly surpass older order taking/payment processing systems by embracing innovation as it relates to improving productivity, reducing labor costs and providing essential decision-making metrics. Moreover, with the advent of cloud-based reporting, restaurateurs can have seamless, real-time access to a plethora of data across all store locations, from any device.

You would think all POS providers would offer today’s cutting-edge products and services, but many of them lack the strategy, vision or the development prowess to become industry innovators. And innovation is exactly what separates PDQ Signature Systems from all others in the restaurant space. A market leader in technology solutions, PDQ has been helping restaurants leverage the game-changing potential of POS systems for almost 33 years.

With an “all-in-one, all-in-house and all-in-accountability” approach, the company’s top-rated, all-concept POS system is perfect for nationwide chains/franchises as well as single-store independents. Touted as the “fastest POS” and the “easiest to learn, use and manage,” PDQ’s multi-award winning POS has earned accolades from thousands of users, including the company’s largest customer, an acclaimed 2800+ unit gourmet sandwich franchise that excels in undeniably fast service, including delivery and drive-thru.
But that’s not all—with the imperative need to ensure security for both payment transactions and sensitive customer/ employee/store data, PDQ integrates their offerings with PDQ Security®, a holistic PCI compliant data and cyber security platform.

“Predicated on innovation, fast cycle and all-in-house development, our entire suite of best-in-class technology focuses on our inherent ability to hold ourselves accountable for every facet of customer success,” explains John White, EVP and CTO. The result is: enhanced performance, with ease of issue resolution.

As a holistic platform, Signature Systems’ PDQ POS seamlessly integrates all the functionalities required to fulfill the needs of restaurateurs. It can streamline both native and integrated online-ordering, rewards and loyalty programs, delivery management and cloud-based reporting. It has also incorporated secure and compliant digital modes of payments, including mobile EMV for chargeback elimination and e-wallet for the ultimate in cashless convenience.

While PDQ‘s comprehensive suite of POS hardware includes all-in-one, tablet and self-serve kiosk POS as well as complementary solutions such as customer-facing video display units, integrated digital menu boards and camera systems with text overlay, the company’s software prowess is truly unmatched— especially when it comes to third party platform integration.

“Within the past year, we performed all the ‘heavy lifting’ on two essential roll-outs for our largest customer,” says White. “We seamlessly integrated with a new online ordering service—one that measurably enhanced performance—and we implemented a state-of-the-art loyalty program that provided the industry’s first ever ‘single-tap’ for both loyalty and payment,” says White.

“Our ability to create seamless solutions that guarantees customer success, has allowed us to significantly grow our market presence each year,” adds White.

Looking at the future, White aims to expand the company further by establishing its footprints in the casino sector and further growing roots in hospitality. And as proponents of next-gen technology and modernization, the company continues to innovate its product line. “We’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create AI-driven self-serve kiosks,” explains White. “This nascent technology will create a more personalized and meaningful guest-experience—one that ultimately increases sales, decreases effort and enhances loyalty.”

“That’s what we’re all about— continuously providing cutting-edge technology and unmatched 24x7x365 support in order to help our customers grow their enterprise,” concludes White.

PDQ Signature Systems

Warminster, PA

John White, EVP and CTO

Founded in 1986, PDQ Signature Systems is a market leader as a POS solution provider to quick service restaurants, pizzerias, bars and fine dining establishments throughout the US and Canada. Their POS system is so holistic in nature that their PDQ POS is integrated in a package with PDQ Security, a comprehensive, compliant and cost-effective cyber-security platform that helps protect a client's entire environment from data breaches and cyber-threats. Apart from providing POS software, it always offers a wide array of POS hardware products such as POS Tablets ,Self-Serve Kiosks, Drive-Thru Kiosks, Customer-Facing Video Display Units and many more

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