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Mr. Isa Sanliturk, General Manager of Process Application, Polat MakinaMr. Isa Sanliturk, General Manager of Process Application
With the development of technology in today’s world, the perception of food safety among end consumers has also improved significantly. Companies that can’t provide product traceability, do not have a precise and high level of automation to meet quality standards, have operating costs above the world average, and do not pay attention to the use of resources, are less likely to compete in their markets in the coming years.

This is where Polat Makina steps in.

Polat Makina’s Centrifuge technologies have served various industries, including food and beverage, at every level. The product helps customers to obtain desired yields with the highest performance/price ratio. In addition to this, its decanters and separators offer low water and energy consumption. The common advantages include the prevention the contamination with CIP-system integration, quick access to your equipment from a distance with remote control, and easy to reach service supported by a global network. “We offer the most suitable centrifugal decanters at every level and services in global scaled quality and standards with our well-qualified engineers,” says Mr. Isa Sanliturk, the General Manager of Process Application at Polat Makina.

Polat Makina develops both its current product portfolio and fields of activity to meet the needs of the customers.
In order to improve the performance of existing equipment, Polat Makina’s development process continues in its R&D department. With its widespread service network, the company is able to provide fast support to its customers’ needs.

Polat Makina’s main goal is to create real customer satisfaction by addressing all their demands and expectations. For this purpose, all processes, from product input control to the loading of the product, are controlled by the company’s quality control teams. As a result, Polat Makina can provide 100 percent product traceability.

To put things into perspective, one of the biggest fruit juice manufacturers had peel as raw material and wanted the wastes of this raw material to be utilized. For this client, Polat Makina offered a two-phase separator. Thanks to the separator, the client had seen how the peel, which was utilized as animal feed before, can be turned into value after being processed. The peel oil was now valued as an input, and the fact that peel oil was used as raw material in many different industries led the external dependence to reduce.
  • We offer the most suitable centrifugal decanters and separators at every level and services in global-scaled quality and standards with our well-qualified engineers

Initially operating in the olive oil sector, it was in 2005 that Polat Makina started to produce equipment for different sectors. With the widely used digital transformation applications, Polat Makina has achieved the ability to analyze large amounts of data correctly. The special sensors added to the equipment allow the company to monitor its products and warn customers to prevent undesirable situations. In this way, Polat Makina encourages its customers to perform preventive maintenance and contribute to the continuity of production processes.

To up its ante in the market, Polat Makina is establishing a new company that can produce complete solutions for its customers. “We will have a team that is aware of the needs of the customers for the world of the future and will be a solution partner to meet these needs,” says Mr. Sanliturk.

Polat Makina

Aydın, Turkey

Mr. Isa Sanliturk, General Manager of Process Application

Polat Makina Industrial Decanters and Separators, produced in accordance with the food regulations, meet all the expectations of both consumers and food producers.

Polat Makina
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