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Matthew Wegener, President, Presage AnalyticsMatthew Wegener, President
As new technologies arise in the food and beverage industry, many traditional companies have fully embraced what has become the new standard - digital technology in daily operations. Why are companies switching to digital technologies? Paper-based systems create challenges for a company’s ability to comply with new regulations. The manual process is time-consuming and lacks transparency in the management of a quality within the systems. In contrast, the switch to digital systems facilitates data capture and instantaneous feedback while also enabling faster analysis. However, even companies utilizing digital systems have trouble ensuring food safety and quality consistently. Managing a variety of systems from different vendors with their own distinct processes often creates siloed information for data analysis. Solving these issues is what inspired the launch of Presage Analytics.

Presage Analytics is a suite of software tools that help capture data, ensure quality, and keep up with an everchanging regulatory environment. It also helps clients maintain production excellence while meeting and exceeding federal, state, and GMP regulatory requirements. “Our software is powerful enough to manage entire food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) risks and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of clients’ businesses,” explains Matthew Wegener, President of Presage Analytics. From a performance standpoint, Presage helps clients monitor the quality throughout all stages of production, from suppliers to distributors. “Reporting is simplified with mobile-friendly dashboards and automated emails, and remote access can help businesses stay up-to-date with the status of a facility in a few clicks,” adds Nate Fryzek, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Even as digital systems are adopted, traceability in practice and new proposed traceability regulations are primary concerns for large food and beverage manufacturers that manage complex products.
Gwyndylynn Evans and Nate Fryzek
Presage Analytics gives users the ability to track ingredients, calculate their quantity, and scale batches. These automated workflows aid in communication with the suppliers, as well as provide a centralized system for storing relevant information. When issues arise, users receive automatic alerts via email or text message. These alerts identify problematic areas, allowing the user to address the issue quickly. All of the data is collected from these issues, so that users can find the underlying cause and prevent the issue from recurring in the future.

The implementation process is specific to each client of Presage Analytics. “We gather information about a client during the demo process to understand what the client needs and evaluate their existing processes,” Gwyndylynn Evans, Product Manager. Next, client’s end users (technicians) receive the training, which makes the transition to digital system seamless and efficient. Once the process is complete, Presage Analytics continuously supports the client by conducting regular check-in meetings. These meetings help address client’s concerns and insure the continual exploration of software capabilities.
  • Our software is powerful enough to manage entire food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) risks and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of clients’ businesses,” explains Matthew Wegener, President of Presage Analytics.

Since its inception, Presage Analytics has assisted many organizations from an array of industries, including beverage, dairy, meat, frozen food, bio-refinement, renewable energy, oil and gas. With food safety and quality management as their focus, Presage Analytics helps companies prepare for unscheduled audits, improve site performance evaluations, or jumpstart a startup food company.

Presage Analytics puts a focus on continuously improving their always-up-to-date software for their clients. In the coming future, enhancements will be added to the traceability feature and they plan to incorporate blockchain technology. The company is also developing a lightweight version of its current software. This version is created specifically for smaller-sized organizations to quickly implement templates for food safety and production processes.. By remaining committed to their client’s needs, and growing alongside them, Presage Analytics helps companies reach their goals of increasing product quality, complying with regulatory agencies, and keeping consumers safe.

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Matthew Wegener, President and Gwyndylynn Evans and Nate Fryzek

Affordable and quality software to monitor, track, trend, and analyze food safety and quality data

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