SafetyChain Software: Disruptive Technology for the Food & Beverage Industry

CIO VendorBarry Maxon, President
How SafetyChain is Driving Impactful Change within the Food Industry’s Food Safety & Quality Operations

Food safety and quality issues pose the biggest risk to the brand and financial health of food industry companies. Yet ensuring food safety and quality is not an easy task. Food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) operations face incredible program complexities and pressures every day in reaching their end-goal of a safe, quality product.

Unlike other departments in companies that have leveraged technologies to optimize performance – such as Human Resources or Finance– by in large food safety and quality operations have relied on manual and paper-based processes and/or use of silo systems to manage their operations, resulting in a more reactive versus preventive, risk-based approach to managing food safety and quality.

“The heightened awareness of food safety incidents at the consumer level is driving pressure on the industry for a transformation,” shares Barry Maxon, President, SafetyChain Software.

Technologies are emerging to help FSQA operations better manage program compliance.
However not every type of technology has an impact on overall operational performance. When you take into consideration the food industry, it runs a high-velocity, data driven operation. The number of food safety and quality data points that are being captured on any given day could equate to thousands, if not millions, of records each year.

All these records have to be monitored to ensure safety and quality program requirements are being met and specifications are being adhered to– because the sooner out-of-spec or non-compliant data results are identified, the better chance a company has of catching and managing quality and safety issues before they reach the next stage of the supply chain and/ or ultimately the end consumer.

In order to meet the critical needs of the Food & Beverage Industry, SafetyChain Software applies a unique food safety and quality “operating system” approach to managing the high-velocity, complex needs of FSQA. With a focus on optimizing food safety and quality operations, SafetyChain’s solution leverages the cloud, mobility and IoT (Internet of Things) to deliver the data intelligence and management tools needed to dramatically help – and transform FSQA operations.

The SafetyChain Operating System uses an event-driven architecture to automate FSQA processes and assure all tasks are completed, including supply chain actions for upstream suppliers and downstream customers. Analysis of FSQA data takes place in real time, whether it’s being gathered via SafetyChain’s Mobile Apps in the field, in the store, on the manufacturing floor or in transit. In addition, SafetyChain supports an increasing flow of data directly from manufacturing equipment, temperature sensors, lab integrations and so forth.

Alerts of non-conformances are sent automatically to key stakeholders for immediate attention and corrective actions. This “management by exception” approach results in the ability to catch and take care of issues earlier,before they become a larger problem downstream in the supply chain.

Maxon further commented, “By capturing all FSQA data and documents in our centralized database, the SafetyChain solution also provides our customers the capability to more easily manage audits and customer inquiries, as well as identify trends in real time to implement ongoing operational improvements.”

SafetyChain’s FSQA platform is commended by industry experts for its scalability, centralized database, best-of-breed mobile apps, real-time notification engine and cloud based modular design, all which contribute to delivering measurable impact with a high ROI.

The company’s client base includes names such as McCormick Spice, Atkins Nutritionals, Ardent Mills, Post, Wawa Food Stores, SR Originals, Dole Fresh Vegetables, Clif Bar, Jack Links, and Blue Diamond Growers.

Moving ahead, SafetyChain looks forward to continuing as a thought leader of disruptive technologiesin the food and beverage industry, and is committed to fundamentally transforming the way food safety and quality operates.
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