Silverware POS: Robust POS Technology for Any Environment

CIO VendorNick Thalas, Founder and CEO
Today, an increasing number of restaurants, bars, hotels, and other service-based businesses count on Point-of-Sale software to deliver exceptional service to its customers while allowing the restaurant owner to gather powerful insight and analytics in real-time from the cloud.

One of the leaders in POS technology is Silverware POS. Led by Nick Thalas, the Founder and CEO, Silverware POS has created an outstanding reputation in the restaurant and service industry.

According to Thalas, POS system is at the heart of a business’s operation. Aimed at this, Silverware POS provides solutions for the quick service and table service environments. The company offers a number of mobile and cloud solutions—including Online Ordering, Mobile POS, Cloud Management and Real-Time Cloud Reporting. Thalas has always been focused on finding ways to increase customers’ profitability and the speed at which the environment operates.
In an effort to better service its customers, Silverware POS has launched its Omni-Channel Ordering solution. Omni-Channel Ordering provides the operator with the ability to accept orders across multiple, different platforms. This includes fixed POS, mobile POS, table-side ordering, online ordering (e-commerce) and even the ability for patrons to place orders in store from their own device. Silverware POS also offers a number of integrations with industry leading applications to offer its customers the tools necessary for their business.

The company’s table service solution is the most robust, user-friendly & flexible solution in the market. With never-before-seen visual elements, “the solution is armed with an unmatched visual ordering experience and innovative table management functions like drag & drop technology, table joining, and graphical gender-based ordering and tracking. Advanced Table Status Indicators help you determine if a potential service issue looms with just one glance at the floor plan and proactively attend to the customer, thus avoiding a negative guest experience. This solution is a perfect fit for restaurants, bars, hotels & large venues, private member facilities, and corporate & institutional industries,” says Thalas.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also a large part of the Silverware POS platform. The system leverages client information from gift cards, VIP programs, and other loyalty information that is gathered in a simple and easy way. Silverware’s CRM allows operators to easily understand client order history & preferences. Staff using the system can then see what customers have ordered and use this information to enhance sales and repeat business.

All the information collected by Silverware POS is stored in the cloud. This creates a database of information that can be easily organized, accessed when needed, and implemented by business leaders to enhance profits. It offers Real-Time Cloud Reporting, Analytics, Dashboards & BI.

One of the key strengths of the Silverware POS system is that it’s capable of scaling from one POS station to hundreds of POS stations with multiple cost centers and menus. It also has flexible security levels for staff, and can mix hardware in a single environment. For example, an operation can leverage different operating systems under the same roof, all communicating with the same database.

To ensure quality results, the Silverware POS team takes a very hands-on approach to understand the client’s needs before each implementation. This includes menu and floor plan needs, understanding cost centers, and more. That said, smaller businesses with two or three stations can install and modify the system themselves (if they wish) to create the results they need.

Thalas strongly believes in a product-first mentality. The flexibility and usability of Silverware POS differentiates the system from their competitors. This allows the company to continually create innovations for the hospitality industry, which has resulted in a large amount of referral business and exponential growth in recent years.

"Silverware POS offers the most user-friendly and robust solutions catered to restaurants & bars, hotels & resorts, and private member facilities"

- Nick Thalas, Founder and CEO

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