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Taylor Company’s success story dates back to 1926 when Charles Taylor, a small-time ice cream maker, ventured into the equipment industry. Weary of the slow, labor-intensive ice cream equipment of the era, he invented the world’s first automatic batch freezer.

Fast forward to the present day, and Taylor Company continues to innovate and help foodservice operations work more efficiently. With a wide range of commercial grill, soft serve and frozen beverage equipment, Taylor is an undisputed leader in the industry. Their products are known for having cutting-edge technologies that help maximize productivity.

As the pandemic rolls on, such efficiency has never been more important. Operations working with a skeleton crew will greatly appreciate the many automated features designed to help them move quickly. Food safety and hygiene has also taken on added significance. It’s another area where Taylor equipment shines.

Many of Taylor’s freezers have a heat treatment feature that runs an internal cleaning process every night––purging any possible contaminant. The grills have their advantages, too. Unlike old-fashioned flat tops, they cook from both sides to ensure consistent, food-safe temperatures.

Of course, Taylor equipment is prized for more than its quality alone.style=margin:right=5px;float:left;margin-right:10px;>The organization has an enormous distributor network––including 146 distributors in 119 countries––providing local service and support to every corner of the globe. The distributors are always at the ready with timely repair services, replacement parts, staff training and more.

It’s something operations both large and small can appreciate. Kelly McWilliams, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, adds, “We do business with the largest restaurant chains all the way down to a single-store operator. Whether in the US or Shanghai, we deliver the same quality products and service.”
  • Our equipment is about helping operations thrive. Our global distributor network ensures there is support wherever it’s needed

Always looking to the future, Tayloris developing a next-generation commercial grill. It’s set to release in early 2021. And that’s not all. Another much anticipated launch will involve Taylor’s new remote monitoring tool. It will allow customers to supervise the equipment’s operation in real time––a major advantage for chains with multiple locations.

“We spend every day trying to innovate, broaden our key platforms, and live up to our tagline––‘Built to Serve,’” concludes Jim Minard, COO of Taylor Company.

Taylor Company

Rockton, Il

Jeremy Dobrowolski, President; Kelly McWilliams, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing; Jim Minard, COO

Taylor Company offers a wide range of products from frozen drink machines to commercial grills and soft-serve ice cream machines. With a Taylor soft serve or frozen beverage machine, food and beverage outlets can serve high-margin, up to the minute products like frozen yogurt, smoothies, and frozen cocktails with a consistent quality at each and every draw. Taylor’s outstanding line of commercial grills offers the latest technologies while maximizing productivity and ensuring safety. Besides, the organization’s unique distribution system comprising 146 distributors across 119 countries is an underpinning factor for their all-encompassing presence across food and beverages industry

Taylor Company
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