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Sheryl Hoskins, CEO, UpserveSheryl Hoskins, CEO
With 14 million Americans visiting restaurants every day, the restaurant industry drives the economy and job creation. That said, "sixty percent of restaurants don’t make it past their first year and 80 percent go out of business within five years.”1 The reason–rising food, rent and labor costs, in addition to the increasing pressure to deliver the best guest experience.

The way to buck this trend can be done through operational efficiencies like faster sales, reduced food costs, improved workforce efficiency, quicker table turn times and the return of loyal guests. “At Upserve, we empower restaurant owners through actionable insights gleaned from their restaurant and customer data,” says Sheryl Hoskins, CEO of Upserve. The insights are delivered through an end-to-end solution comprising of integrated POS (both stationary and tableside), payments processing, inventory, workforce, loyalty, marketing, and online ordering.
Upserve’s intuitive platform, which works on both Android and iOS platforms, provides the flexibility for a restaurateur to stand out among the competition. The platform’s tablet-based POS system analyzes restaurant data points such as total sales, guest loyalty, server performance, workforce schedules, inventory surplus or deficits, and much more.

When drilling into each of the platform products, one of particular note is Upserve Inventory. Upserve’s inventory solution enables restaurateurs to not only monitor ingredient loss but to be ahead of any food items that might be running short with one-click ordering and seamless supplier management.

When a restaurant provides a superior experience to guests, they tend to bring their friends upon their next visit. It’s worth it to note that "businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% typically see profit an increase ranging from 25% to 95%."2 Moreover, while every visitor comes with individual choices, certain dishes remain the hot favorite of many. Upserve’s restaurant management system identifies guests’ preferences for the food items and ingredients that are consumed most frequently These ‘deep guest insights’ help restaurateurs to not only improve customer experience but also drive revenue.

Restaurateurs can start with Upserve’s Core package and add additional modules such as online ordering, inventory, and advanced analytics, later on. “We have been able to make restaurants operational in less than a week with 24/7 support, which has improved the client satisfaction level exponentially,” says Sheryl. To cater to the unique and changing needs of clients, Upserve’s platform consistently gathers client feedback and builds additional features accordingly. “We have resources dedicated to addressing client needs.” In addition, Upserve has an advisory group that provides real-time feedback to the Upserve product team. The leadership at Upserve engages the restaurateurs to understand their evolving challenges and the high-touch business strategy is critical to its success.

As a testimony to Upserve’s success, Sheryl shares a customer case study–Stay Golden, a two-location restaurant, bar, and coffee shop in Nashville, wanted to enhance the productivity of their staff. Upserve’s tools enabled the client to create savings between 12-30 percent. By using Upserve Insights, the platform delivered actionable intel that helped the client increase covers by 25 percent through server performance metrics and tweaks the menu by focusing on those items that were helping the business to flourish through menu performance metrics.

As a well-established data analytics company for the restaurants, Upserve has strengthened its technology by building a best-in-class set of products, features, and functionality. For the future, the company aspires to focus more on their customers’ pain points and the changing needs of the market. “Our ability to quickly change with the market requirements is our key differentiator,” concludes the CEO.
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