A Fast Changing Food World

By Alexandre Stephan, Partner, SP Ventures

A Fast Changing Food World

Smart, Transparent Food Sourcing with Blockchain

By Tejas Bhatt, Senior Director, Food Safety Innovation – Walmart & Archana Sristy, Senior Director, Blockchain Platforms – Walmart Global Technology

Smart, Transparent Food Sourcing with Blockchain

Investing in Better Work Space to Scale Growth

By Paul Dickinson, Director of Food, Fuller, Smith & Turner

Investing in Better Work Space to Scale Growth

As technology evolves, so should the Supply Chain

By Reuben Calow, Vice President, Global Kellogg Work System & Digital Supply Chain

As technology evolves, so should the Supply Chain

AI Redefining the Food Industry Practices

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

AI is streamlining the food processing industry through its verticals covering product development, supply chain, and quality assurance processes.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the industries as companies are increasingly identifying its potential. After impacting sectors such as education, health, automobile, and others, the food industry is also awaiting a massive disruption. Food processing industry has already started to leverage AI directly or indirectly. AI is enabling the farmers to forecast weather on one hand while also helping the transportation companies to reduce their shipping expenses. Even the app development companies have realized the potential of AI, and they are trying to develop various apps which can boost the food processing industry in various ways. Here are the major categories where AI’s impact is profound in the case of the food industry:

Inventories and Packages

The major challenge for the food processing industry is its feedstock, which is rather irregular. The storage of the food is mostly accomplished with the help of manual labor. However, using AI, the process of sorting can be automated. It will also reduce the labor cost and increase the yields as well as speed. Further, ML can be employed to detect various anomalies in food.

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Safety Compliance

AI-driven technology is used in various restaurants to streamline their processes and boost their sales. Various municipal health agencies are deploying several technologies that leverage facial and object recognition. Some of the restaurants have deployed AI-enabled cameras through which the owner of the restaurant can ensure that the chef wears masks to eliminate the chances of hair falling on the food. According to research, AI technology is currently utilized in around 200 restaurants, and the figure is expected to grow in the future.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the utmost essential in the food processing industry. AI sensors are assisting the industry with the same. AI-driven technology is making it possible to reduce the amount of time needed to clean the equipment which will save money usually spent on energy, water, and time. Moreover, the cleaning time is also reduced by 50 percent. Thus the technology can enhance productivity and offset downtime. The automated cleaning method utilizes optical fluorescence imaging and ultrasonic sensing through which it will be possible to determine the amount of microbial debris present in the food item.

Product Development

AI has immense potential in case of product development too. Food processing involves a variety of options concerning various flavors, ingredients, as well as species. For instance, with the help of AI technology, customers can customize their soft drinks. Along similar lines, it will also be possible to develop new flavors and products using AI.

Effective Decision

AI-driven technology can assist the customer in determining what is required for capturing the market. For instance, the Kellogg Company deployed an AI technology in 2017 that helps the customer to decide on particular granola for making a customized product. AI-enabled technology makes it easy to determine if the chosen ingredient will taste good or not. Thus the AI-based suggestions will undoubtedly help the food processing industry to picture if their new product will be a success or not. With further advancements in AI technology, it can be concluded that it will certainly reshape the food industry business.

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