Are You Using the Right Disposable in Your Food Production House?

By Food and Beverages | Tuesday, September 01, 2020

It is a very challenging decision when it comes to choosing disposable gloves since all are not created equally. Not selecting the correct one can cost the food industry a lot.

FREMONT, CA: Selecting the type of disposable gloves makes a huge difference. The food industry has to be very careful while choosing disposable gloves as it can have a huge impact on the product.

Natural rubber latex, the most common and affordable form-fitting disposable glove, offers many benefits, which include good dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and tight fit. However, the issues with these gloves are that many people developed allergies after using this material.

Vinyl, though, being a popular alternative to latex, lacks the dexterity of latex and is vulnerable to tearing. Because of their low durability, they have limited use, especially when it comes to food processing.

The applications that require durable, dexterous gloves, nitrile is considered to be the best option. Though they are expensive, they are snug-fitting and convenient to wear and also more durable and provide better dexterity.

Now a question arises ‘why to invest more in durable rather than cheap gloves, aren’t they meant to be disposed of?’

The answer is that buying cheap disposal gloves will definitely save a little money. However, if the food processing industry ran into a problem, it will be a big one.

The chances of vinyl gloves to tear are 10 times higher than nitrile gloves. Workers might not be even aware that their glove has torn, thus unintentionally expose the food item to contamination dangers. It becomes even worse if a piece of the torn glove falls off and ends up in the item, making its way down the production line and ultimately to the customer.Top Food Safety Tech Companies

Doubtlessly, it is a living nightmare for public relations if a piece of glove reaches a customer. Even if the piece of the glove is caught before reaching the customer, there are lots of things at stake. If a worker finds out a piece of his glove missing, the whole production line has to be shut down to find the missing piece. All the products that might have passed through the production line have to be destroyed, which is a considerable loss.  

It will be a real disaster for the brand if the piece is not caught. Therefore, vinyl gloves are made with metal detection abilities so that that metal detector can detect errant glove pieces.

However, unfortunately, metal-detectable nitrile disposable gloves didn’t exist, until now.

 In 2019, the first-ever metal detectable nitrile disposable glove ‘Metal Head’ is launched. Being comfortable, snug-fitting, dexterous, and durable, it provides security in terms of contamination risk and comfort and performance for those wearing the gloves.

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